right brainers, unite!

okay so i can’t really join in this rally because I’m evidently both right and left brained. it is possible and I am blessed/cursed with this. I am happy the world is finally moving towards creativity and innovation in regards to imagination and thought rather than strict calculations and left brained work. Seeing the big picture is ultimately what will push us further both as companies and individuals, which is what right-brainers do. This article that I have linked down below is really interesting (and inspiring! hi shane!) for everyone who thrives on design and using their mind in ways regular people don’t have the energy or talent for. AND ME! BECAUSE I WRITE AND I AM A DREAMER :)

Right-Brainers Unite!!!! HOORAY!

Speaking of dreams.. I’ve had two dreams in the past week involving a bear. I wonder what it’s trying to tell me...