JoliCloud OS for netbooks

I signed up for- and received an invite- to JoliCloud. I just installed it on my netbook yesterday.  I haven’t had any time this weekend to really play around with it since I have papers and projects due every direction I look in, but I plan on writing a review and capturing screen shots so everyone can see what it looks like. It’s geared towards being a very lite OS focused on social media, networking, and the web. It has a very clean and interesting interface; i love it!

I also have some invites to send out. Is there anybody with a netbook that would want one? It’s still in its alpha stages so there’s a few kinks but overall its a great platform. You can either install it next to windows (and run windows virtually) or just completely overwrite it and keep JoliCloud as your main system. If you are interested in learning more about it, please visit If you are interested in invites please shoot me an email at or contact me on twitter, @esvienne.