iPod [also iPhone] SOCKS!


I was stalking the apple website yesterday for a new case and happened upon them. I won’t get these because I tend to drop my iPhone every now and then; however they are SUCH a cute case for iPod. They fit all models* except the shuffle.
*[There is a compatibility chart shown at the end of this article.]
In 6 different colors, green, purple, grey, blue, orange, and pink, you can have a “sock” of every color. Now you won’t be stuck wearing a blue shirt and having a green case, and vice versa. Simple pleasure I guess. The price tag on these puppies is $29.00 FOR ALL 6! They just slide in, and when you want to use a particular control, you just slide it out. Very simple… although not much shock/drop/throw protection.
Like I had mentioned earlier, here is a compatibility chart. Enjoy! If anyone gets one of these please let me know, I’m curious how they hold up and if they attract lint like regular socks do…

I saw a unicorn, an elf, and a rumor about a mac tablet.

First let me start off by saying… why is it “a unicorn”? Shouldn’t it be “an unicorn” because it follows the rule of a ‘an’ with a vowel? Why is unicorn so special that is gets an “a” rather than an “an”?? It boggles my mind. Then again, “weird” is a habitual rule breaker too because the rule goes “I before E, except after C”. SO WHAT THE HELL, WEIRD? You should just be locked up in a room with “unicorn” so you can be rebels together.


Now, on to the mythical apple tablet!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a mockup by Piper Jaffray.


cute and quaint, right? right. good for clumsy people? ummmm.. I think not.

Apple is notorious for having conspiracies circling around them like vultures. We always have surprise leak photos, store barcode information, and people who “know things” but can’t tell us how. This tablet idea has been around for a while, and frankly I hope it is true. The tablet, which is rumored to be released in early 2010, supposedly has their touch screen orders in to be fulfilled in late 2009. The size should be between 7-10 inches (large enough to not be a phone, yet small enough to not be a netbook) with a price tag HOPEFULLY between $500-$700 dollars. That’s pretty reasonable for a super awesome apple tablet with touch screen. Somewhat of a ginormous iphone. This should fit into most people’s budgets, seeing as the average netbook price (without all the fancy features of the fabled apple tablet, except the HP tablet) are a few hundred dollars.

It is meant to be primarily used for web surfing, writing, email, digital media (such as youtube and vimeo) and anything else that doesn’t require the power of a laptop. So now, not only will you  be able to facebook and chat your heart out, but you can send funny forwards and emails, twitter to your heart’s content and feed into your youtube/vimeo addiction. Oh yeah, as well as take care of some work email and other “grown up” things, on a screen that is more sufficient to stare at than the I-phone. Don’t get me wrong- the I-phone is great and I love mine, but you know it’s a tad bit too small when you have to squint to determine whether that little dancing machine in the youtube video is male or female. A cell phone company (AT&T? Verizon?) will hopefully subsidize this tablet, so that we can have a constant connection to the interwebs with the built in modem.

I’M EXCITED! by the time is comes out I will be graduated and hopefully have a J-O-B and can buy one! HOORAY! More updates as I see them.

hook up your iphones, kids.

I just happened to plug my dying iphone into my laptop via usb, because it is a battery sucking fiend, and noticed that there was a iphone 3.0.1 update available. Now, I’m not completely sure what this is actually adding, since I installed it and saw no difference, but when I find out I will share. So go update! We can make a game out of it. Who can figure out what was actually changed first wins a cookie. Oatmeal or chocolate chip. Now, if I WIN, I either get thin mints or samoan girl scout cookies. What? There’s nothing unfair about that at all. Didn’t anyone ever tell you the house always wins?!

What a glorious day!

I mostly keep my personal news off of this thing, because it’s just NOT of those personal blogs. I have my personal social pages for this kind of stuff but hey- I’m human. I’m happy. This is MY page. So I figured I would share something :) Shane and I have our 3 year anniversary today! I know… I know. You can stop reading now if you like :) I’m just really excited for it! I’ve never been happier with anybody. I just want to hurry up and graduate in fall so I can see what the future has in store for me/us and we can figure out where we want to live. If you haven’t noticed, I really despise orlando. I want to stay here and work for a little while and save money… and then ski-daddle (spelling?!) to another state.

I just wanted to say thank you! (because I know you’re reading this… even though your desk is right behind mine) for putting up with me! I’m a crazy energetic ball with no attention span, and I don’t know how many days you’ve had to deal with me waking up and saying… “OMG! I HAD THE BESTTTTTT IDEA AT 3 AM LAST NIGHT!!” but you do, and you have. So kudos to the best boyfriend and relationship ever! We have great things in store for us, and we will most certainly be a power couple cause we’re just both so damn smart and innovative :D We’ve lived in many places and we’ve lived in many states together but it just keeps getting better <3

ON ANOTHER NOTE! There is a blackberry storm 2 rumored to be coming out!!!! They are supposedly changing something with the touch screen to make it easier to use, as well as adding WiFi. I’m excited because as much as I love my iPhone, I’m kind of looking for another phone. I still don’t know if I can bear to part with it, but ever since I got the 3G one it’s been freezing. It also ate itself last week and erased everything. It pretended that it was never activated, so I said BYE BYE to all my numbers and pictures. So we’ll see. The new Palm phone is supposed to be sick too, so I have no idea what I’m going to do yet. There also an Apple netbook rumored to be coming out this year as well. A super ultra portable (that’s smaller than the air) which would be amazing! Then I can lug it everywhere with me in my purse and write wherever I want to! Not that my macbook is really that big, but it is if you want to take it everywhere. Anyway, that’s all for now. BYE BYE.


Weeeee! We are now 2.5 hours into our roadtrip!! All I have to say is thank god for iPhones. We’ve been playing trivia and weird games on mine, and it is now currently assisting me in writing this blog:) we are stocked up on chips and the caffiene consumption shall begin shortly!!! Woohoo!!! That is all.

PS! Hiiiiiii Jenna/general tsao!!! *kssssh* this is JUNIUS from teacup,NJ (Teaneck?! Geez I forget my age and now my alias’s place of origin). Come in general tsao!! *kssssssh* … Is my blog still hating on your comments!? My page is awfully lonely…. :'( can you fix it please? We need something to entertain us on the road and i KNOW you’ll be awake in 5 hours :D LOVE YOU!!!