Dear Swedeshop, thank you for the Ikea iPhone app. Now my pocket can be 'hip and modern' too.

PhotobucketIkea now has an application to help you locate and budget when you’re wandering around their large maze of a store!

During this groundbreaking time for technology, when new ways of using our phones and computers are being discovered everyday, Sweden has decided that it was now time for Ikea to jump on that bandwagon. Now, I love Ikea. It is my end all favorite place for furniture. When I walk in there, I start to utter these strange phrases that I never hear come out of my mouth, such as, “that is so hip.” or better yet, “that is the most beautiful and sleek modern piece of furniture I have seen this side of town.” Okay, so I don’t really say that, and shockingly enough, the word hip is rather deranged now anyway, but I do love me some good Ikea.

How many times have you wandered around, looking for “aisle xx” and bin “x” only to realize you have no idea where you are going and have veered off the beaten path to stare at a dazzling computer desk, instead of the side table you originally set your sights on? I do it alot, and I think the side table has had about enough of my wandering eye. This application, which is called “SwedeShop”, will save you from having your furniture beat the love into you because you forgot where it was, or spent too much money “looking” for it.

When you start the application, set your local sales tax, as well as the budget you are hoping to stay in. I know, I know. That is hard in the store. I walk in there and my budget suddenly goes out the window as if I’ve been brainwashed, but not if this application has any say in it.

From then on, you can:

  1. enter the name of the product, the location at which you are supposed to find it (Aisle/bin), attach a photo along with a priority [do I REALLY want this? or am I attempting to replace the one week old item I just bought that did not come from this heavenly store?] and then your price.
  2. Wander into the storage area to start picking off your list one by one, according to priority. You can mark each item as you pick it up. This way you don’t have to pull out those xray goggles you were hoping to keep secret in order to remember what exactly it IS that you have in that box.
  3. This also acts as a calculator/budget watcher. It tallies up what you’re spending no matter how many times you trade, drop or add items. You can try to confuse it, but I’m fairly sure it’s a stable calculation of what you’re spending. If you go over the budget that you set, it will ever so kindly remind you that you’re over-budget. Now, you don’t have to listen to it…

It’s multi-currency, so us Americans can indeed use it, as well as every other place in the world. All in all, this seems like a pretty solid app. While it doesn’t do the shopping FOR you, it provides great assistance and makes it easier to drag yourself away from the store. It’s easy to ignore your budget when you keep an arbitrary number in your head; not so easy to ignore when you have a little electronic in your hand warning you.

If you were interested in this article, please check out Ikea Mobile.

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