Hiatus # 478392043278

Hello! This occurs every so often so I thought I would just leave a friendly little memo on here stating that I am, indeed, alive. It is midterm time so I am crunched for any kind of life outside of UCF. I did want to say that I was lucky enough to have someone send me an invite to google wave!! I’m currently waiting for that to go through and activate me so I can do the write-up on it… the one I was absolutely dying to do! HOORAY!

…it’s the little things that get me over-the-top excited. I am either way too involved with technology or easily excitable. I think it’s the latter.

For those of you who have not heard about Mozilla Raindrop yet, I suggest you check it out. It could be somewhat of a rival to google wave. It’s currently in the developing stages. You can find it here.

So nothing has been going on, other than patiently waiting for my google wave account to activate so I can finally see what it’s like, as well as occasionally smashing my face into my desk over midterms/exams/projects/derivatives. I recently received a 1.5 month early birthday present of a netbook so I plan on doing a review on that in the near feature. It’s an HP Mini 110-1125. It’s a great little gadget and now my macbook can remain safe in my house instead of braving the torturous inside of my laptop bag.

To my readers ┬áthat I actually know and communicate with often (aka my friends in real life that I communicate with via email/phone/text/face-to-face )I have updated my personal email address. I sent out a lot of emails/instant messages to friends updating them but if I forgot then please send an email to my old address so that I can give you the new one. I’ve been sitting here for about an hour updating my address book for my new email addy and boooooooooy is it tedious. SOOOO… sorry if my brain momentarily lapsed and I didn’t send one to you :) Just send me a reminder. I will not be posting that on here. For everyone else, remember you can contact me via my website email address selena.vidya@esvienne.com or follow me on twitter- @esvienne. Come back soon for some good stuff :)