Google Wave Invite Contest

SOOOOOO… I happen to have a few extra google wave invites sitting around, so I figured I would have a contest to give one away since you can still only join by invite. I wanted to make it simple so here we go. If you can look back through my posts and name the thing I am most addicted to, and be the 10th person to email me the answer, then I will send you a google wave invite.

My email address for this contest will be

(friends! you don’t count because I KNOW you know the answer to that)

so good luck!

Hiatus # 478392043278

Hello! This occurs every so often so I thought I would just leave a friendly little memo on here stating that I am, indeed, alive. It is midterm time so I am crunched for any kind of life outside of UCF. I did want to say that I was lucky enough to have someone send me an invite to google wave!! I’m currently waiting for that to go through and activate me so I can do the write-up on it… the one I was absolutely dying to do! HOORAY!

…it’s the little things that get me over-the-top excited. I am either way too involved with technology or easily excitable. I think it’s the latter.

For those of you who have not heard about Mozilla Raindrop yet, I suggest you check it out. It could be somewhat of a rival to google wave. It’s currently in the developing stages. You can find it here.

So nothing has been going on, other than patiently waiting for my google wave account to activate so I can finally see what it’s like, as well as occasionally smashing my face into my desk over midterms/exams/projects/derivatives. I recently received a 1.5 month early birthday present of a netbook so I plan on doing a review on that in the near feature. It’s an HP Mini 110-1125. It’s a great little gadget and now my macbook can remain safe in my house instead of braving the torturous inside of my laptop bag.

To my readers ¬†that I actually know and communicate with often (aka my friends in real life that I communicate with via email/phone/text/face-to-face )I have updated my personal email address. I sent out a lot of emails/instant messages to friends updating them but if I forgot then please send an email to my old address so that I can give you the new one. I’ve been sitting here for about an hour updating my address book for my new email addy and boooooooooy is it tedious. SOOOO… sorry if my brain momentarily lapsed and I didn’t send one to you :) Just send me a reminder. I will not be posting that on here. For everyone else, remember you can contact me via my website email address or follow me on twitter- @esvienne. Come back soon for some good stuff :)

Google Tsunami…Wait, what? I mean Google Wave.

… I start this off with “google tsunami” because as I was looking for wave information, I came across this.. and I quote:

Google Wave is just a precursor to the tsunamis that are going to hit this planet soon (just like the new Pepsi logo that looks like a giant wave). There are various other symbols out there right now, but these are two of the most prominent.

… well if that isn’t in someway prophetic (read: paranoid) as well as slightly interesting. Anyway, on THAT note…

I’ve been thoroughly stalking google wave information, because as we all know (or maybe just me, because I heart google immensely) it should be officially released September 30th for a select 100,000 who will get invites. That is still a month and a half of changes and provisions that will be done to bring us this amazing product. Various websites have been saying that this could make or break google… and I agree. This could literally change email as we know it… which may not be that good because my mom just got used to using gmail and this may totally throw her off her game ;) (HI MOM!)

I did an article on this previously, so just to refresh your (hopefully) eager minds, let me do a recap of what google wave will entail.

  • Real time typing/editing (which will make a great online¬†collaboration tool)
  • You can embed waves in various websites, it’s not just contained to the interface
  • Application abilities… developers can make wave applications and extensions. The possibilities are endless for them.
  • Completely open source.. meaning, it could potentially be taken to a level of insanity that we can only fathom.
  • Auto-correction. seems kind of like a “duh” thing right? Well it goes so far as to differentiate between words, such as “seen” and “scene”. It also auto-translates. Yup.
  • DEATH TO ATTACHMENTS! I ALWAYS forget to attach them (I even have the google labs option where it ‘senses’ you are missing an attachment and reminds you) but this just makes everything drag and drop so you don’t even have to use brain power to think about it. WONDERFUL!!

There are also potential BAD sides to this. One great thing about using gmail currently is that you KNOW everything is private, unless you willingly share something on google documents for others to collaborate on. I have a feeling that with google wave, the lines between public and private will be extremely blurry (drunk status) and you might ACCCCCCCCCIDENTALLY leave something up that you probably assumed/wished would stay private. Then people jump in and edit/comment, and the first thought that runs across your mind is “OH CRAP! OFFLINE! OFFLINE! ABORT MISSION. REPEAT: ABORT MISSION!”. All you extreme emailers with your wacky conversations better look out… big brother may accidentally be watching this time around.

If you want to sign up to receive alerts on google wave, please visit this page

What up links!

ahhh so. I’ve heard ALOT OF THINGS this weekend in regards to the tech world. I’m sure you know I’m just absolutely dying to write something on them but I really don’t have the time.. so I thought I would throw in an honorable mention on some things. For one, this thing is absolutely AMAZING! It was presented during E3. Watch the whole thing and I promise you that you will either be severely creeped out (yet still very much intrigued) or you’ll want to go out and get one because it’s sheer awesomeness at its best .Creepy ‘Milo’

Next up! A little birdy told me about something called “google wave” that is in the works. I signed up to be alerted when it is actually released (it will be later this year) so hopefully I can do a review of some sorts on it. My whole life is basically on google. I’ve had yahoo before… and I hated it. I’ve had live/msn/whatever it’s named now, and yes I liked it too but it didn’t incorporate everything that google/gmail did. I have my school account on live right now but I barely use it. ANYWAY! GOOGLE WAVE! You can read about it here. It will be the end all of all services. It’s one big collaborative site of awesomeness. Do check it out, and sign up. Cause the more people who use gmail, the more fun I can have with them to make humdrum emailing exciting again!

One last thing! I have noticed, in my tech stalking, that facebook will be incorporating user names? What is this, myspace? Seriously. One thing I hate/hated about myspace is how you can never tell who the hell is who because their name is something like “SoUThErN BaRbIe prInZesS thAt wiLL Rock YeR WoRLD”. Really now, facebook? They claim it’s so that you have a URL to give people to view your facebook, but why on earth can’t they just type in your name? I’m dreading this. Please do not become myspace or else I will… well I dunno. I guess I just won’t use it.

I will give my goodbyes in typical myspace-speak. “pEaZe ouT yo. LAWL leave me a CoMMeNt!”.