Emotional vs. Intellectual

I was in my management of organizations class (with the gold bond instructor that uses amazingly awesome deodorant and owns children) when he brought up an interesting topic that I just kind of felt like writing about. I don’t really have too many interesting things to say about it but it’s been floating around in my mind. There are two types of people… well, there’s three types of people, but the third one is extremely hard to find. There’s people who are emotionally intelligent and people who are intellectually intelligent.

People who are emotionally intelligent can handle themselves well, even when they may not be able to directly learn something or apply it. You can find this in jobs everywhere; there’s always a few people who may not be completely competent in the skills required, but they are hired anyway. This kind of blows away the whole theory about why resumes are sent, and hiring the best person for the job… but it does make sense. I will explain why later.

Then there are intellectually intelligent people. The kinds of people who know all sorts of stuff. They are over-achievers. They do perfect in school. But when it comes to common sense they are dumb as rocks. Slightly neurotic. They don’t know how to handle every situation without freaking out about it. They are the basket cases you see at work, who were hired because they were fully competent, however they are just completely flying off the handle all the way to china.

This third person that I speak of is the one who is BOTH. Yes, that’s right. There are people who are possibly emotionally intelligent and intellectually intelligent, but they are few and far between. Usually somebody has some kind of hidden neurosis or they just don’t put in the effort to learn things. My professor was basically saying that a job will actually put aside technical skills (As long as its nothing major) to hire someone who is more emotionally intelligent. That is, somebody who is aware of how to react in certain situations. The life line of somebody who is emotionally intelligent is more steady than that of somebody who is intellectually intelligent yet lacks the emotional common sense. When an emotionally intelligent person gets laid off, or runs into a tough situation, they don’t abandon all life as they know it and take off to tahiti. Not that the thought wouldn’t cross their mind (hey! who hasn’t though that??? except me… because I don’t know very much about tahiti. I would rather run away to Hawaii. They have grass skirts and coconut bras) They can negotiate with themselves what the CORRECT thing to do is in a situation, and plan accordingly. Thus they don’t have extremely manic ups and down in regards to their life. Intellectually intelligent people, however, DO have those extreme ups and downs. They may be able to score that job which will pay them like….. 5 billion dollars a year (ha! I wish) but then they don’t have the people skills or any other kind of skills that make them TRULY valuable or reliable. Meanwhile, the emotionally intelligent person, who won’t get stressed or flip out in certain work situations, and is extremely reliable and dependable, and also has the capacity to learn, just like any normal person. Albeit, maybe not as fast as super genius sociopath, but at the average level.

Another good reason to hire somebody who is emotionally intelligent is because of the way norms go. A norm (as you probably have guessed) is something that is just kind of built in and expected. When you have a nice and functioning workplace, you have people who abide by norms without even realizing it. Such as, somebody may look down on somebody who is ALWAYS late to come back for lunch. It’s expected that you be back on time. Other people may look down on you. When you have an environment that is full of mostly emotionally intelligent people, it becomes extremely well balanced and a newcomer won’t have to have a huge rule book slapped down in front of them. They can pick up on the social norms and cues from fellow co-workers, because they aren’t sitting there pining over various uncontrollable situations or being sidetracked.

Anyway! I don’t really know where I’m going with that. There was no particular point I wanted to make. Jenna- you and your law is rubbing off on me. The lead is evidently being naughty. By the way- did you open up the deposition that way? I think the judge needs to know, so that she can quarantine her pencils (or paint). I would also like to share that I went to dinner with Shane and his dad today, and I got viciously attacked by a crab. No, it did not end pretty. I know you obviously assume that I won, but alas- the crab did. A dead snow crab at that… located in florida. Have you ever actually touched a crab leg while cracking it open!? They’re lethal! It was almost as bad as the time I cut myself on the tin can top. Okay… not AS bad. I wasn’t profusely flinging huge drops of blood around like when THAT happened, but still. This was probably equivalent to a large paper cut from a construction paper.

A few afflictions

First- to read the rest of this post, click the title. I’m working on getting it to display the whole thing on the front page, but to no avail. So far. I don’t have anything interesting to write about yet, but I feel guilty cause I haven’t put up anything in a few days. Well, anything interesting or worth while. I promise in another day or two I’ll come up with some amazing post that is just as, if not more, audacious than my “time” post. I haven’t been able to read new scientist or stalk cnn/other websites because… let me count the ways:

  1. Finance is consuming my soul. I’ve never seen so many ratios in my life. I would much rather have law consume my soul than finance, but such is life at the moment.
  2. Our house is haunted. That’s right. Toothbrushes starting to vibrate on their own, even after we walk up to it and turn it off. We finally took the batteries out. Garage door on the inside opening by itself and the door chime going off. We come home, after DISTINCTLY closing the office door (I know this because it makes a huge slam for some reason, and I made some comment about it because it made me sound like a badass. Lol) and it was cracked open when we got home. The chime for the garage door going off and it DIDN’T open. It’s getting tricky now. Ummm… some plastic bag fiasco, but I don’t know what I attribute that to. So yeah.
  3. Kickboxing has officially kicked my ass, because I’m the only crazy person who takes it 3 times in the span of 5 days. My butt hurts. My calves hurt. My shoulders hurt (because I’m the only girl it seems who does real push-ups and not those gay little knee-ups). More so because my leg is still sore from crazy pony carting accident. It’s bruised. I’m whiny. I’m going to go cry now.
  4. Getting up early for class is taking its toll on me. I am soooo not a morning person, and I really need to be. Night time is for playing! Doesn’t college know that!?
  5. I can’t stalk CNN because my management professor is too busy talking about Degree Deodorant, crack cocaine, cheese puffs, gold-bond (and YES! It was for THAT reason), owning children, and various other random and completely unrelated (yet TOTALLY related) things.
  6. Having a house is a lot of work! We eat much more than I actually realized. The dishes are out of control and I may just keep the dishwasher on permanent cycle.

But most importantly… the ultimate reason that I cannot, at this very moment, create an intriguing, interesting, humorous and/or smarty-pants post is because… there is delicious, succulent, amazing, tasty, scrumptious, mouth-watering, delectable, exquisite, and last but not least.. HEAVENLY… bacon wrapped fillet in the oven. I think I’ll have a serious breakdown if I accidentally burn them because OMG THEY LOOK SO YUMMY! I would also like to apologize if this post made no sense at all. Which is should of.. and if it didn’t then I think that’s more your problem than mine… just kidding. But seriously. I’ve had two coffees, two emergen-c energy booster drinks, and a banana vanilla smoothie with lots of espresso in it. I am pretty wired… you’re lucky you aren’t here. I’m also lucky that shane is putting up with my bouncy-ness.

That is all. Check back in a few days after Finance’s first week exam has released me from its icy grip. BYE! :)