Google to drop IE6 support [abridged version]

Quick update: Well, it’s been a long time coming (in my opinion) but google finally announced in their enterprise blog that they will be dropping IE6 support for their google applications. Older browsers cannot necessarily support HTML 5 (which is the latest HTML markup) so it only makes sense to slowly phase out what isn’t supported rather than waste resources in trying to tailor the apps to browsers both old and new. Many cloud applications simply are too advanced for the old browsers, and cloud is certainly the future. You can still continue to use “view only” mode in IE6 for Google Docs, however, no technical issues will be fixed and no further improvements for that browser, or any other outdated ones, will be made.

If you are an avid user of google products, I suggest you upgrade your browsers to IE7+, Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ (beware when upgrading firefox however, if you use greasemonkey, certain scripts may not be fully compatible with the newest version), Google Chrome 4.0+ or Safari 3.0+.

If you would like to keep up to date with google and its happenings, please visit their enterprise blog. There is lots of valuable information

On another note, I ended up getting that job I wanted sooo badly which I interviewed for yesterday! You’re looking at the newest addition to Search & Social Media. I’m an SEO/link and social media analyst! This company (and the people within it) are great! If you’re interested in learning more about the company, please visit the Search & Social homepage.

Another great website to visit (and follow) is the Search Engine Journal. A great resource for anybody involved in SEO as well as anybody just interested in search engine news/marketing knowledge :)

Firefox 3.5 Official Release… and a video from the canadian.

Sooo ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve been waiting for the official release of Firefox 3.5 … the day has come!
You can find the official download here.
I was using the beta release for a little while, and it’s good but had a lot of bugs to be worked out. I was trying to tweet this about 10 minutes ago using the beta, and it literally kept crashing every time I got four words in. Last night it did the same thing on another website.

Clearly I was being punished by the tech gods for not acting fast enough and downloading the official release before I tweeted.

So! MOZILLA DEVELOPERS! I hope you are hearing my pleas to make sure this official version does not eat itself every 2 seconds and allows me to surf and do work safely and soundly. I have embedded the video off Mozilla’s page explaining the new features of the OR.
IMPORTANT NOTE: His first sentence clearly demonstrates that he is Canadian. It always tickles me to hear someone say “aboot” instead of about. I replayed it twice. Listen carefully and it will brighten up your day!

Technology Apologies

I just had about 8 billion tabs open on firefox because I’m working on some investment modules, and firefox decided to eat itself and crash. I found myself EXTREMELY frustrated beyond belief, to the point where if firefox was a little person, I would have picked it up and punted it right out the window. I will resist the urge to participate in any more little people jokes because I myself am short and that would be rather masochistic of myself. [Look hatfield! there’s that word again! and it has no sexual connotation! hooray!] Just as I was starting to fume, a little screen came up that said:

“We’re sorry! Firefox has experienced a problem and decided to crash! It didn’t consider anything important you may be doing, and weighed all its options to decide what the best course of action was! The decision was to close everything! merry christmas, tada, and all that jazz! You may now continue with your regularly scheduled brain explosion.”

…. okay, so not really. However it DID start off with “We’re sorry! Firefox has experienced a problem and decided to crash!”. At that very instant, my little heart thought “Oh dear. It apologized to me. Now I can move on with my life and not wish to materialize firefox into an actual animate object that has the ability to incur bodily harm”.

I’m not gonna lie, I kind of like the fact that it said sorry. It not only said sorry, but gave me the opportunity to open my tabs back up and resume my happy little mathematical problems. Technology apologies definitely make up for any frustrations felt when 800 hours of your work has been forced to cease and desist. Thank god all the work I did is just SO HAUNTING and ANNOYING that it decided to come back, unscathed, so I can [unfortunately] continue plugging along.

That my friends ends my pointless post because I am too busy to formulate anything worth while until the next 3 weeks from finance HELL are over. Bye bye.

[MB&S. YES! that’s for you<3]