Facebook Lite.. and a video message from yours truly.

First, let me say that I taped a video blog the other day in response to Obama’s health care. I have never done one before, but as you will see in the video (and hear me say) I am really sick with a cold and found it easier to just talk about it rather than concentrate my brain powers into writing. That will be up within the next day or two. I totally winged it so there’s some editing I need to do. Look for it! It’s entertaining.

So what’s next…. WELL! I was browsing around the interwebs the other day and came across something mentioning Facebook lite. I clicked the link and was reverted back to this magical time when Facebook wasn’t cluttered with tons o’ advertising and random nonsense. Speaking of which… does anybody remember what myspace was like way back in the day? I opened my account in 2002 and it was much simpler then as well. I don’t see myspace doing a lite version anytime soon… I can’t even stand to sign in to there anymore. /end rant.


I can’t say whether I like it better or not; I really just feel like I’m staring at my phone screen. I’m weird though, sometimes I’ll like tons o’ clutter to stare at, and other times I don’t want to much at all. If you want to try Facebook like, check it out here and let me know what you think. I’m trying not to go on there as much because honestly… I have too many other things to do. I can’t keep clicking it every 2 seconds because something has been updated. Is it more important than your own life?! I’m in my email constantly throughout the day so that is where you can find me… but I digress. Let’s not talk about my gmail obsession…
SO ANYWAYS! The settings are rather nice and simplified. As you can see, it limits all the crazy different sub menus you get into when you go into facebook’s regular settings drop down. Now you will no longer be confused as to what you are clicking. All in all, I think it’s a nice clean and “lite” version. It makes it much easier on the eye and doesn’t make your brain feel like it might possibly explode. Those are things that I look for in a website.