Fleeting Creativity

I consider myself very creative. I love art, I love reading, I love writing, I love science.

My favorite things to do when I was younger was read read READ. Write children’s stories when I was just a child myself. Draw like I was the best artist in the world (I still beg to differ with my younger self on this one).


I love putting my thoughts down on an empty page and letting my pen do the wandering. I used to spend a lot of time online; reading blogs for inspiration. After all, I believe that the greatest  inspiration comes not only from within ourselves, but from others as well.

I work in the Internet industry- and while many people abandon their social profiles, blogs and general internet wanderlust during their day jobs, my crawling of the Internet doesn’t really begin until my working hours.

So where does one find inspiration in this case? For some, they consider my job a dream job- and I do too. Work technically isn’t work because it’s something I enjoy. Not to mention, I work on my leadership skills everyday running my team.  But it still takes a toll on my creativity.

My creativity is fleeting faster than the speed of light. It’s playing elusive games- just whispering at the surface of my imagination than vanishing as if it never existed.

I’m not used to this.

I spend my day-time hours maniacally cruising around online in search of what it is that makes my job a success, but in the meantime, it’s such a process that I can’t find the inspiration I need to fuel my night time writings and allow my brain to roam free to paint the pictures that it used to.

I find that sometimes I put my pen to paper and nothing comes out. It’s a struggle to write as we speak- it’s like I’m so used to putting words out in public to hold my online presence in the social media strategies division that I can’t bring honest words to the surface and let out my inner thoughts when I’m by myself.

It’s such a weird paradox too. One would think that you would find more fuel for your fire; more spark by passing over other people’s words and communicating with complete strangers all day, but that isn’t so.

Often it brings you to a greater loss of words than you might have expected.

Does anyone else who works within the Internet industry feel this?

How do you get back in touch with yourself when you’re having trouble bridging the path between your mind and your words?

Inspiration and Aspiration

It’s Sunday! The glorious day which was created specifically for relaxation, being lazy and indulging in guilty pleasures. Therefore I don’t have any kind of interesting news I want to write about, but a few thoughts floating around here and there that I figured I would jot in here.

I spend a lot of my time stalking websites that can benefit my technology and science addiction creativity in some way… whether it be design tutorials for color inspiration, websites geared towards free lance writing, technology blogs (to hone in on various people’s writing styles and skills) and personal websites. Doing this everyday keeps my brain in focus for writing. In order to writer better, you have to read more. How else are you going to get inspired? Where else will you find your aspirations, if not from the desire within yourself to be as good as the writers that you enjoy reading? What is it EXACTLY that makes me want to keep going back to certain websites, excited to read new articles? What can I pick apart that draws me to it? Usually it’s their writing style. There is something so distinct and catchy that I just can’t get enough.

There are two main things that exist to someone in the creative field, aside from their own talent. Inspiration and aspiration. I’m a writer, clearly, and I know what it’s like to aspire to be a “Houdini with words”, mimicking great writers of old and new literature. I write, edit, change wording around, write more, drink a cup of coffee, rip my hair out edit more, then begrudgingly complete it. I read so many amazing pieces and wonder if my writing can ever hold up to those standards or even be of the same caliber. Design, writing, art, music… it’s all so subjective. What is phenomenal to one person may be “ehhhh…” to another. Of course, it’s hard to not want to smack the “ehhhh…” person upside the head and ask what wonderful things they’ve written/designed/composed lately, but we don’t do that. We are supposed to be calm, cool, artsy creatives. I personally don’t fit that category, seeing as I’m a sarcastic hot-head, so maintaining my composure is generally harder than the typical “artsy creative” person.

When we see something that inspires us it rings a bell in our head. Shines a light in our eyes, if you will. That little something activates a trigger that makes us think “I aspire to do that”.  Then we set our aspirations high and vow to ourselves that we will reach that level of utopia. However, with all good, comes the bad. Shane is like me. He spends time playing scrabble with me always seeking inspiration, so that he can integrate new things into his design work to achieve a clean well thought out look. Sometimes I email him websites or work I come across during MY inspiration-hunt that I KNOW he’ll love, and that will inspire him. Now, like I said, there is always a bad side. I know he is reading this (Hi Shane!) but he has already heard me say this, and actually suggested I write on a topic like this and inspired me to do so, for everyone else who feels this way that is a creative field. [NOTE:incredibly long run on sentence. Bad thing to do.]  Shane is amazing at what he does- he is an extremely talented designer. His advantage is that he can both design AND code- something that most people can only do one or the other of. He gets blindsided by other people’s work, but fails to see how great his own work truly is. The problem is that we aspire so hard to be as “great” as the ones who inspire us, that we overlook our own budding talent. We also feel like we should “be as good as this person” or “write as well as this person” when… well, while they are great and talented, we may be as great and talented as them- we just aren’t on the same level of exposure as them. Who knows how many tries or mistakes, and how much time it takes to actually get their final result, that we so badly crave to achieve.

Creativity comes from within. Some people have it, and some people seriously lack it (you can spot them a mile away). So if you have it, use your ability to be inspired, take that, and manipulate it into something beautiful. Use this to spark inspiration in others. Creativity is a blessing, not a given right.

If you are looking for a great designer/coder, I have one for you. Please visit his website: http://www.shanewaite.com

You can also contact him via email- contact@shanewaite.com

right brainers, unite!

okay so i can’t really join in this rally because I’m evidently both right and left brained. it is possible and I am blessed/cursed with this. I am happy the world is finally moving towards creativity and innovation in regards to imagination and thought rather than strict calculations and left brained work. Seeing the big picture is ultimately what will push us further both as companies and individuals, which is what right-brainers do. This article that I have linked down below is really interesting (and inspiring! hi shane!) for everyone who thrives on design and using their mind in ways regular people don’t have the energy or talent for. AND ME! BECAUSE I WRITE AND I AM A DREAMER :)

Right-Brainers Unite!!!! HOORAY!

Speaking of dreams.. I’ve had two dreams in the past week involving a bear. I wonder what it’s trying to tell me...