In other news

Disclaimer: This is a totally non Internet marketing/social media/technology related post. It’s a quick post about ::GASP::….


The holidays are coming and since we’re all settled in our new house that we’ve been renting down in Tampa, I plan on decorating the hell out of it. Last year was so busy that I didn’t decorate and we go home to NY for christmas anyway- so it just didn’t make any sense.

BUT THIS YEAR… we’re getting a tree. and stockings. and lights. and FUN. WEEEEEEEEEEE! I may even try to bake something, although I have to question whether I would like my house to still be standing by the time christmas gets here.

We’re driving back to NY this year (as always) and I’m not really looking forward to it. The drive that is. The 20 something hour drive ONE WAY and then back, which eats up pretty much all of my holiday time. I’ll have to work on that.


just a few things

that I wanted to say. I’ll be back to writing about important stuff after the holidays. I’m just writing random stuff now so everyone who checks back has something to read.

1) The holidays make me happy! I’m excited for christmas! I put a lot of thought into one gift in particular and I’m excited to give it to my special somebody :) It is nice and toasty in here, and home cooked dinners are fantastic!

2) The snow must go. Seriously. It was all cute and stuff when I first got here… what, with hearing the snow crunching beneath my boots and catching snowflakes on my tongue, but now I remember why I don’t like it in the first place. The wind chill could quite possibly freeze my nose off and even with gloves my hands ache from the cold. They may fall off too. If that happens- please send help. I may not make it back to Florida alive. I have a lot of awesomeness there I would like to get back to.

3) I haven’t worn this many socks in a year. Nor as many sweaters. Though I must admit that I loooove sweaters, so that works out well.

4) I NEED TO RELAX! There is so much stuff to do here and allllll I want to do is relax. It seems like we’re always out doing something and I am exhausted.

5) I need to see my bestest friend somewhere in between seeing all of shane’s friends! WHEN?!!!

That is all. I need coffee!

That’s really all for now. I need coffeeeeee!