What a glorious day!

I mostly keep my personal news off of this thing, because it’s just NOT of those personal blogs. I have my personal social pages for this kind of stuff but hey- I’m human. I’m happy. This is MY page. So I figured I would share something :) Shane and I have our 3 year anniversary today! I know… I know. You can stop reading now if you like :) I’m just really excited for it! I’ve never been happier with anybody. I just want to hurry up and graduate in fall so I can see what the future has in store for me/us and we can figure out where we want to live. If you haven’t noticed, I really despise orlando. I want to stay here and work for a little while and save money… and then ski-daddle (spelling?!) to another state.

I just wanted to say thank you! (because I know you’re reading this… even though your desk is right behind mine) for putting up with me! I’m a crazy energetic ball with no attention span, and I don’t know how many days you’ve had to deal with me waking up and saying… “OMG! I HAD THE BESTTTTTT IDEA AT 3 AM LAST NIGHT!!” but you do, and you have. So kudos to the best boyfriend and relationship ever! We have great things in store for us, and we will most certainly be a power couple cause we’re just both so damn smart and innovative :D We’ve lived in many places and we’ve lived in many states together but it just keeps getting better <3

ON ANOTHER NOTE! There is a blackberry storm 2 rumored to be coming out!!!! They are supposedly changing something with the touch screen to make it easier to use, as well as adding WiFi. I’m excited because as much as I love my iPhone, I’m kind of looking for another phone. I still don’t know if I can bear to part with it, but ever since I got the 3G one it’s been freezing. It also ate itself last week and erased everything. It pretended that it was never activated, so I said BYE BYE to all my numbers and pictures. So we’ll see. The new Palm phone is supposed to be sick too, so I have no idea what I’m going to do yet. There also an Apple netbook rumored to be coming out this year as well. A super ultra portable (that’s smaller than the air) which would be amazing! Then I can lug it everywhere with me in my purse and write wherever I want to! Not that my macbook is really that big, but it is if you want to take it everywhere. Anyway, that’s all for now. BYE BYE.