Sweet Program

[FULL SCREEN THIS VIDEO to see everything PRETTY PLEASE!] Ever wonder what the hell to do with a .exe file that is hiding precious information within it when you’re using a Mac? Well here’s a quick little video showing you something that you can do. WATCH IT :) “File Juicer doesn’t care what type file you drop onto it; it searches the entire file byte by byte. If it finds a JPEG, JP2, PNG, GIF, PDF, BMP, WMF, EMF, PICT, TIFF, Flash, Zip, HTML, WAV, MP3, AVI, MOV, MPG, WMV, MP4, AU, AIFF or text file inside, it can save it to your desktop or to another folder you choose.” ENJOY!! :) [Download File Juicer]

  • http://www.shanewaite.com Shane

    Very useful program, something I know from time to time on deadlines ill get a file I cant open, this solves MOST of the issues. Obviously some executable files are programs but for all those college students with oldie professors this saves the frustration. Viva La MAC! Also, for anyone with good speakers if your wondering why it sounded like a phone going off its because I was calling and I was ignored. Listen carefully and you will here the phone go off on vibrate.

  • admin

    very true. oldie professors aren’t up with the times. who the hell puts powerpoint zips in a .EXE anyway?? as for the ignoring… it’s permissible because we live together :) I figured I would spare the readers our conversation bwahahaha.