Some changes are afoot

As some of you may have seen on our latest announcement on the BlueGlass blog, our company has totally gone through a complete reorganization and restructuring in order to move in the direction we need to and adapt ourselves to perform the very best we can.

I won’t go into the details here (since you can read the announcement) but with the changes, we’re all moving around and getting hyper focused. I, too, will be moving around a bit in the restructuring so that I can really get down and help us move forward in high gear. By focusing myself into my role I can really keep the area that I’m working in strong and propel it forward.

A restructuring is always difficult to get used to (and tough when you have to part with some awesomely amazing people), but moving out of my old role and into my new one will be exciting and in line with how we’re reorganizing for success. :)

Stay tuned!

Thanks, Social Media, For the Play by Play on EVERYTHING.

This is a lame title- completely aware.

I was noticing last night (as I said on Twitter) that I was literally getting the play by play on everything that happened during the Grammys. Who was winning, who was losing, who was performing, who sucked, who came in an egg (jesus) and I’m pretty sure that it took all possible excitement away that I could have derived from watching the Grammys.

Note: Before you tell me to get offline then, realize that I was working and needed to be online. There really was no way to avoid seeing anything.

Remember when we were younger? And we didn’t have a social network to tell us the happenings on award shows, movies, TV series and sports events? When we would get SO EXCITED to see these, that we would actually plan the night around it? (Well, don’t know about you, but I did. My mom loved the Grammys.)

Now it seems like there isn’t even really a point to watching these things. Even if I wanted to hold off and watch it because I was busy, I can’t. Or at least, my fun is foiled because everyone and their mother has inadvertently told me what happened already.

This is just a little bit of what I found out without even turning on the TV:

  • I knew Lady Gaga arrived in an egg (and had a ball reading all the comments about it) and on this same note, I heard everyone possible talking about the new single released the other day (which wasn’t that great). I remember a time when we got off our asses early in the morning, lined up at Coconuts for the release of a new CD… no leaked songs… no antics…. nobody knew what to expect… we just waited because we were fans. It wasn’t as easy as just “clicking a button” and the anticipation and excitement was so much higher.
  • I knew Justin Bieber didn’t win the award he wanted to (and was upset), but he did perform with Usher.
  • Eminem dropped the F bomb and it didn’t get censored when performing with Dr. Dre (YEAH!! Love this)
  • Rihanna had on a flaming red dress.

And more. So will I watch the Grammys when it airs again? Probably, but really only for the performances since there’s no point in wondering who won at all.

So now, of course social media makes it more fun for those who are watching. You could follow the #Grammys hashtag and see what others are saying throughout the show and even follow those (like little Bieber) who were tweeting before and after the show.

With the Super Bowl, I was online monitoring a few hashtags to hear what was going on around the commercials and it made it exponentially better. It was exciting.

So before you tell me I’m lame, realize that I understand what social media brings to the table, and I’m super glad that we have it to converse with others during these shows. But ALSO realize how effing annoying it is for those who haven’t yet watched something.

#SocialChat Valentine’s Day Special


I’m writing this from a beautiful beach cottage in LongBoat Key- it’s really relaxing and there are HAMMOCKS.

ANYWAY! I wanted to drop in and say that I’m going to be a featured guest on the Twitter #SocialChat this Monday (Valentine’s Day!) at 9 PM. I’ll be talking about the integration between traditional and social media.

Gonna join me? Follow the hashtag #SocialChat and come chat with me.

Lifehacker’s unobtrusive opt-in

I’m on Lifehacker currently (which, by the way, I’m completely lost in. There are SO many things in the Mac OSX section that I’m downloading right now. Wunderlist being one of them) and I wanted to point out their little happy, unobstrusive opt-in box that allows you to both follow Lifehacker on Facebook, AND get your email updates if you feel so inclined.

Nice, Lifehacker. Me likey lots.

Oxfam American Hunger Banquet

I love all kinds of causes that use new media. There’s something about organizations that understand how to truly leverage social potential with the community that fascinates me.

One campaign in particular has caught my attention- Oxfam American Hunger Banquet. Now, I’ll admit it. I love helping out with organizations, but when we’re all so busy, often times it’s easy to forget or say you’ll do it later. Yes, I’m guilty of this. But one of the great things about this Oxfam organization is that they’re completely mobilizing participants and providing them with EVERYTHING that they need to make this successful.

A centralized social hub.


Step by step event plans.

A script to follow.

Online calendars to find banquets near you.



They don’t just give you information and throw you out there to fundraise and send in money to “donate to the poor for food.” No. They educate you- they teach you what we’re doing wrong, and give you every opportunity in the world to help.

Pretty much, you have no excuse to ignore this. World hunger is a serious problem- and it’s not because there’s a lack of resources. We have plenty- don’t be fooled. The problem is that we’re not allocating our resources efficiently… but we’re all guilty of that too, aren’t we?

The power of people when they’re banded and united for one cause is pretty amazing- people are competitive by nature, and leveraging that competitiveness and sense of unity at the same time makes for a moving and powerful campaign.

One more awesome thing (which I can’t show you on here because it’s written in Javascript- the embedded video is just the regular version) is that the video on the Oxfam homepage allows you to sign up and participate from right within the video. Perfect. Everything is literally right at your finger tips.

So what are you eating for Thanksgiving? How much food are you wasting? I suggest you look into hosting a hunger banquet. You’ll not only feel good about yourself, but you’re also making a difference- and every person counts.

I am done on my soap box now. Good day.

Social Media Blackout?

I came across something today about a social media blackout. I have a few things to say about this.

1. By saying that colleges need a social media blackout day, you’re implying that excessive use of social media could be a problem. I totally agree. But a blackout? REALLY? I somehow don’t think this is going to help whatsoever. It’ll mainly just piss off college students. Do I smell a riot?

2. Please tell me that someone remembers TV turn off week in elementary school? You can definitely tell we’re in the 21st century now by what we’re limiting ourselves from. Back then, you got these fun packets to draw and doodle on while you did your TV blackout.

So now what…? Are kids going to be watching TV in their dorms to make up for the social media ban? Wonderful, educators. So well thought out.

3. This certainly cannot translate into a global thing. What about Internet marketers such as myself? I pretty much live online, all day long. If there is something so wrong with utilizing social media often, then I should probably be cuffed and thrown in jail by now.

4. Do they think this will really work? Perhaps proxy servers could get around this or services from could also help with this.

Anyway. I still have writers block. Sorry… guess you’ll have to look for something interesting another day :)

Tips for Privacy in the Social World

This is gonna be a short post- just trying to gather some opinions.

Pretty much, I’m going through and trying to re-evaluate how much privacy I actually have online and I’ve been sifting through my online footprints for a little while today. I write everywhere, I’m always trying new techniques and networks to keep up with the industry. But some of them aren’t relevant and need to not be alive anymore. Seriously.

Any good tips on erasing footprints or unnecessary information online that I may not have seen? I’ve seen a few websites that let you check for your name across social networks etc, but that doesn’t help me as many of my old names are under email accounts that are pretty much dead beyond death- I have no access to them.

Also, what are your privacy settings on a lot of ‘professional’ things? We all know (from anything I’ve written) that I’m totally for privacy, but it’s hard to distinguish privacy lines when using a professional name or network.

How often do you clean out your lists and get rid of professional (or even personal contacts) you no longer have a desire to follow? Or do you always keep them as a connection because you never know who you may need to be in contact with?

Also, interested in knowing where your name is registered? Try these out:


Don’t look me up or I’ll kill you. Kidding! …. or am I?

Tips? Resources? Thoughts?