I was filling out an extra credit survey today and realized that I am almost out of the 20-24 category and into the 25-29 category. THE HORROR! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING! They make you believe that you save money when you turn 25 for car insurance.. but that’s a lie. There is nothing to look forward to… except my carvel ice cream cake :D… and my graduation… and another christmas with family, friends and my love…and a part-ay for shane’s sister’s wedding that I am in…. so all in all, I guess 25 will be an exciting experience, just not due to the actual birthday, more due to the events that are coming during that wonderful winter month.

ALSO! I was shoe shopping with a friend today when I noticed this on the box-
WHAT DOES THAT MEAAAAAN?? Does it mean that some boxes have 3, and some have 1? It says on average… that clearly means there could possibly be a rogue shoe box or two lurking about in Sports Authority. AND LO’ AND BEHOLD! THERE WAS ONE BOX WE OPENED THAT HAD ONE SHOE! SO WHERE WAS THE BOX WITH THREE? I WANT TO KNOW!

At least now I can be confident in the fact that they are being completely truthful when saying the average amount of shoes per box is 2. My life is complete now; thank you nike.

  • http://beachxbit.com Jenna

    As soon as I saw the pic I started laughing, as I knew where this was going lol. Manufacturers put weird things on products sometimes, like the knives set that says “keep out of children”.

    so please people. stop storing your knives in children. even if you get the shoe box containing only one shoe.

    ALSO! You figured out your age without prompting! I am proud of you!