Musical fascination

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It started when I was really young.

Among my fascinations with writing (which preceded my musical fascination), horses and inventing random ass things, I had a musical fascination. I grew up playing the piano and we had one in every house we lived in- along with synthesizers.

You wouldn’t guess that now- seeing as I haven’t played it in years, but alas. It’s true. I started off playing Silent Night, Camptown Races, Chopsticks, etc. I went from beginner to advanced in my little music books that my teacher provided.

Then I stopped. Why? Beats me- I don’t remember.

After that, I insisted on playing the Cello. This was a hilarious time in my life because I didn’t hit 5’3 until my mid teens and I was playing when I was 9….ish.

You can imagine how short lived that was.

So naturally, I found something else I wanted to play. The drums. I’ve had access to full drum sets since I was little ( thanks to my sister’s insane musical talent) so needless to say I was more than slightly pissed when I started out on a drum pad in my lessons. A little drum pad.

Tap. Tap. Tap on the little edges.

I got bored.

After I realized I couldn’t disassemble and reassemble my sister’s drum set in my middle school building, I naturally became fascinated with something else.

Side note: one thing you probably don’t know about me is that I may or may not (may!) have a very addictive personality. I get obsessed with things easily and once I’m hooked, I’m sold like a fat kid on Nicola’s cocoa puff encrusted donuts.

So anyway, my sister (who is ridiculously and naturally talented at everything that I’m not) has been playing the guitar for probably 15+ years by now. That was my next musical endeavor.

I begged and pleaded for a guitar (my sister is a middle child. Needless to say, she doesn’t share… Hi sister!) and finally, my parents bought me an acoustic guitar. ACOUSTIC!

I sucked at it.

When I was younger, listening to rock and rap, giving me an acoustic guitar was like giving a “Fast and Furious” movie lover a smart car.

It didn’t fly. I plucked here and there for a little while, until my mom finally got me a REAL guitar and let me use my sister’s amp. Oh joyous day! I could plug into the amp and suck LOUDLY now. My dreams came true.

One of my best friends had a bass guitar, so we would “jam.” And I use that term loosely. I really wanted to be a rock star but it seems the universe was sorely against us.

Either that, or the universe was deafened much like my mom and dad when we played.L

I was the ones who played music 24/7. I was the cool kid who had a Walkman. Then a disc man (which, as Jenna can vouch for) I decorated really nicely. And by nicely, I mean BLANG BLAAAAANG, all shiny and such.

I fell asleep to music, I studied to music, I showered to music. My obsession back then was the Deftones. Ask anyone. I was even in line at Strawberries (who the HELL names their record store that anyway!?) to get the numbered special release edition of White Pony.

I hearted them.
I went through a point in time when I loved Nas, Biggie, Snoop Dizzle (yup!) and Eminem. Rap Rap Rap! Then back to rock. Then indie. Then screamo. Techno. Back to rap.

My point is, I like things, and I like them for VERY long amounts of time. But the overall like is ongoing. I may change tastes but the big idea stays the same.

Now, I think this wraps all the way back to my love of writing. I’ve been writing stories and poetry since as far back as I can remember. 7? 8?

The first and foremost thing I pay attention to in a song is the words. I don’t care how sick of a beat a song has, the lyrics can totally kill it for me. I can’t help it. I’m wired to hear the words and make sense of them.

But lately (and by lately I mean maybe the past year) I’ve become really entranced with the beat of music. We bought DJ Hero 2 ( RIDICULOUS game by the way, go buy it now.) and it fed into my beats/words love affair.

So yeah. I became obsessed. HOWEVER, I curved that obsession with the hopes that I may find turntables that I can play with and learn on. YES! you heard me.

This little one over here would like to spin some beats. That’s the moral of my story. I’m taking turntable donations- fo’ real. If you wanna send some monies my way I won’t object. I have a pay pal:)

What do you love most about music?