A Prelude to Accomplishment

Do you ever stop and think to yourself… “What the hell am I doing?”

Are you accomplishing everything you wish to accomplish? Are you learning what you long to learn? What do you do when you can never feed your thirst for accomplishment and have the urge to keep going and learning- never self satisfying?

Do you believe in fate and chance?

I believe that there are many different endings for us all; and many different paths. I think each decision we make, or each decision made for us, can send us spiraling down a different path. What do you do when, what you see for yourself is not what others see for you? When should you stop fighting for what you want to accomplish and want even when the path looks so long?

Easy. You don’t.


iTunes + Eminem’s Recovery Album = Happy Ears

This is completely unrelated to Internet Marketing, social media or technology… but frankly my dear, it’s my blog and I don’t give a damn :)

So anyway, I downloaded Eminem’s album “Recovery” from iTunes today.

It felt good… mainly because I’ve been using streaming music sites (Pandora and Grooveshark) so to actually have an album on my iPhone where I can stream it in my car and actually control what songs I’m listening to will be GLORIOUS.

Disclaimer: I did not download any songs illegally. Ever. The example below is a typical outline of what a music lover’s time line would be like when file sharing and streaming music were introduced. In case any of you are under 20 and weren’t around for any of this, I’ve put together this time line for you.

13-15: Buying physical CDs in Record Town and Coconuts

15-16: Music lovers were being naughty and using Napster to download a crap ton of songs and albums for happy musical consumption

16-18: Moved onto LimeWire after Napster got shot, beaten and killed.

18: Users get virus from LimeWire. Users swear to high hell that they would never use a program like that to download music again.

—— musical blackout ——

22: Started to use Pandora and users are totally blown away

23: Started using Meebo because users found out they can make playlists, unlike Pandora.

24: Found out Meebo got bought by Myspace (or whatever) so moved onto Grooveshark and Pandora simultaneously.

e25: Pandora started mixing in random songs into user’s playlists (playing Aladdin on a Lil’ Wayne station) so user starts using Grooveshark full time.

So I would like to say, I’m really happy that I downloaded this album. Mainly because, while I haven’t downloaded music, I’ve been stuck streaming for a long time. I happily dished out the $14.99 on iTunes because I (shamefully… or not so shamefully) will be playing songs on repeat and enjoying all 19 songs.

RSS Reader HELP.

I really need to catch up on blogs and websites I like to stalk (please see previous post, to understand why its neccesary for my sanity) and as much as I love Google products, Google reader is just way too cluttered and annoying for my liking. YEAH. I said it. I dislike a Google product Whatdya know?

So anyway, with that being said, what are some other RSS readers that are a little more simple but have a nice interface and organization? I don’t want some ghetto application that just displays titles to me, but I also don’t really need to have it completely integrated with Gmail, seeing as I spend my whole day in there anyway.

So? What are some good ones? Why do you like them?

Oxfam American Hunger Banquet

I love all kinds of causes that use new media. There’s something about organizations that understand how to truly leverage social potential with the community that fascinates me.

One campaign in particular has caught my attention- Oxfam American Hunger Banquet. Now, I’ll admit it. I love helping out with organizations, but when we’re all so busy, often times it’s easy to forget or say you’ll do it later. Yes, I’m guilty of this. But one of the great things about this Oxfam organization is that they’re completely mobilizing participants and providing them with EVERYTHING that they need to make this successful.

A centralized social hub.


Step by step event plans.

A script to follow.

Online calendars to find banquets near you.



They don’t just give you information and throw you out there to fundraise and send in money to “donate to the poor for food.” No. They educate you- they teach you what we’re doing wrong, and give you every opportunity in the world to help.

Pretty much, you have no excuse to ignore this. World hunger is a serious problem- and it’s not because there’s a lack of resources. We have plenty- don’t be fooled. The problem is that we’re not allocating our resources efficiently… but we’re all guilty of that too, aren’t we?

The power of people when they’re banded and united for one cause is pretty amazing- people are competitive by nature, and leveraging that competitiveness and sense of unity at the same time makes for a moving and powerful campaign.

One more awesome thing (which I can’t show you on here because it’s written in Javascript- the embedded video is just the regular version) is that the video on the Oxfam homepage allows you to sign up and participate from right within the video. Perfect. Everything is literally right at your finger tips.

So what are you eating for Thanksgiving? How much food are you wasting? I suggest you look into hosting a hunger banquet. You’ll not only feel good about yourself, but you’re also making a difference- and every person counts.

I am done on my soap box now. Good day.

Attn: Gmail. Stop Looking so 2000.

GmailThis is a completely useless post. Sorry if you came here looking for something awesome, but it’s 2 AM and I’m beyond sleepies.

I feel like Gmail adding a ton of crazy awesome capabilities and lab features lately… but what the hell is with their choice of interface? I feel like everytime Gmail does some kind of visual update, it look worse than it did before.

I’ve tried every kind of webmail under the sun (and have about 80 billion email addresses to prove it) and I stick with Gmail because I love the functionality and customizability (is this a word? Is now.) of it. But I must say… I’m a visual person, and if they’re adding random “Compose” buttons that stick out like a sore thumb, I have to wonder where they’re going with this. It looks completely out of place and was instantly┬ánoticeable.

Please Gmail. Overhaul your interface. Make it look like it’s existing in 2010.

Gmail Rich Text Signatures


…Ok, maybe not ALL of us, but certainly meeeee!! I’m so OCD about everything matching, and it always drove me completely nuts that my signature couldn’t be changed to match my email font. Well, I signed into my gmail account today and noticed that the gods have listened and beamed down…

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