#ssss spring summit success!

Search & Social Spring Summit Badge

Nope, scratch that… it should say “attended!”

Our conference was a huuuuuge success! Dave Snyder, Loren Baker and Jordan Kasteler did a great job at making this happen. That’s why I’ve been MIA the past few days..and probably will be for another few to catch up on work and personal projects. I just wanted to say thanks to all the wonderful speakers who came out, and I can’t wait for the next one!

I didn’t get a chance to take ANY pictures at all because I was running around, but I’ve been seeing random ones going up on twitter. If you’re interested in seeing some pictures from the summit, you can see them here:

Search & Social Spring Summit 2010 pictures

Apple sticks it to Adobe!

Apple and Adobe

I’m sure many of you have been following the Apple and Adobe little warfare that’s been going on the past couple of months. It’s really hard to pick sides because both have legitimate points as to why they are concerned with what the other is doing. Steve Jobs has decided to post his reasoning in not allowing Flash on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. I actually think he has very good reasons for not doing so. Then again, you can never trust what’s being said in public from any kind of corporate company.

To summarize what he said, he stated that:

  1. The idea of an “open” system- He stated that while Adobe considers Flash an open system, it’s pretty much closed and proprietary. Flash is ultimately controlled by Adobe and they have rights to do anything with the pricing, features, specs etc. Apple has many closed systems too, however, the HTML5, CSS and Javascript available on their products is open and what they have chosen to adopt over Flash. HTML 5 is a new web standard that both Google and Apple have adopted.
  2. The idea of “full web”- Adobe has made claims that apple products cannot sufficiently view the “full web”, supposedly sacrificing 75% of all video due to their choice to not use flash. This is completely untrue. While there is that big of a percentage in Flash, those videos are also offered in other formats which can be viewed on all Apple Products. Apple products cannot play Flash games, yes, but there are hundreds upon hundreds of games (alot of them free!) that are offered in the app store. Personally, if you’re complaining that you can’t play this ONE flash game because you have an apple product… then I think you need a life or a new hobby.
  3. Security concerns- in 2009, Symantec stated that flash had one of THE worse security records. Apple said that they know first hand that Flash is one of the main reasons why Apple computers crash. So why would they want to put something like that on their iPhones? I mean, I love my iPhone don’t get me wrong, but I’ve had quite a bit of problems with it so I couldn’t imagine what it would be like with Flash employed.
  4. Battery life- Flash is a battery killer! Apparently to get long battery life on devices, the mobile device has to decode videos in hardware and not in software. Apple states,

    Although Flash has recently added support for H.264, the video on almost all Flash websites currently requires an older generation decoder that is not implemented in mobile chips and must be run in software. The difference is striking: on an iPhone, for example, H.264 videos play for up to 10 hours, while videos decoded in software play for less than 5 hours before the battery is fully drained.

  5. The touch screen- generally, Flash was made to be used with a mouse, not with your fingers on a small small screen. Especially if you have big man hands. (Don’t let that statement scare you- I am indeed a girl with dainty little hands…but I’m just saying) Flash websites will probably have to be re-written to be supported by touch devices. This just sounds like a big royal pain in the ass.

Well, I’m actually on my lunch break and I have to get back to the office and finish some work. Sorry to cut this short, but if you’re interested in knowing the full details you can find “thoughts on flash” on the apple website.

I’m a little confused because most Apple users are designers or people in the creative field, and the majority of them use some kind of Adobe product. I’m not taking sides, because I use both Adobe and have an Apple laptop, but I feel like this could cause a major change in how creative people work. We all know how people have their allegiances to products and things.

Search & Social Spring Summit Promo Video!

For everyone who doesn’t follow me on Twitter, our company is hosting our annual Spring Summit May 3rd and 4th. There will be some great speakers there, as well as just plain old fun and networking. To see more information about the summit, please visit the Spring Summit website. For now, enjoy this little promo video that myself and the girls of search and social filmed :) You can see the lovely Double Tree guest suites where it’s being held, as well as the pool area and bay. Enjoy, and hope to see you there :)

Search & Social Spring Summit

Well it’s the time of the year for conferences! My company, Search & Social is hosting the spring summit for 2010. It will be lots of networking, SEO and social media education, as well as out right fun. We’ll have various contests running this week for VIP packages and/or free tickets, so please check back!

Search & Social has announced their second annual Search Marketing Conference filled with valued speakers, hyper-networking opportunities and a distinguished educational forum.

The Search and Social Spring Summit 2010 will be held at the Doubletree Guest Suites in Tampa, FL on May 3-4, 2010. This two-day conference is a premier forum that will bring together a search marketing community who are eager to learn and open to networking with other like-minded individuals. Some of the top industry experts have been recruited to give the best information in topics, trends, strategies and possibilities.

For additional information and to purchase tickets, please visit http://searchsocialsummit.com/.

You’ll have the chance to hear some wonderful speakers, as well as meet the Search & Social team! (myself included!)

o0o0oo. The "Craig's List Killer"

So.. I knew you could find all sorts of things on craig’s list such as computers, flat screens… hookers, prostitutes and the like. I did not, however, realize that you could find a murderer on craig’s list. For those of you who live under a rock and haven’t watched the news, there was evidently a “Craig’s List killer” who was answering to ads on there and then killing whoever he met. The first “victim” wasn’t killed and managed to get away. The following ones were not so lucky. Normally I wouldn’t write about something like this…wait. Who am I kidding? Casey Anthony obsession much? The reason I decided to though was because it’s such a controversial topic.

For one, he’s not convicted yet. So even assuming he’s innocent until proven guilty, people are already labeling him a killer and even going so far as to harassing both him and his fiance on their engagement website. He’s a 22 year old med student in Boston.. who is from Upstate NY. Does that ring a bell?… Yes, I am from there. He also attended a college that 85% of people from my high school attended/are attending. My first tickled thought was that he may have went to my high school but he didn’t. Fortunately I do not recognize the name.

… really people? just because he’s blonde and happens to have book smarts, he’s not a killer? Does he have to be grungy, rude, and swear to steal your first born child in order to fit the stereotype? Have any of you ever heard of Ted Bundy? Jeffrey Dahmer? If I recall correctly, they were the epitome of clean cut and polite. Charming. Charismatic. In fact, I don’t even get why people are SOOOO shocked that he might possibly be a murderer. Also, seeing as about 21.2% of medical students suffer from depression [about 1 in every 5], does it really surprise you that somebody who was found to have a gambling problem on top of the stress of medical school would reach out to do something as extreme as murder? Stress makes people do unheard of things. If anything, he seems more and more a likely candidate in my mind just looking at the psychological stress he was possibly under.

[side note: it’s 1:04 and this is the third night in a row that I’ve heard really LOUD chirping birds outside. Strange. Very strange.]

I just don’t understand why people feel as if somebody who appears a certain way could not fit the stereotype of a “killer”. Honestly, I think somebody who was more charismatic and charming would be more likely to be a murderer. Sociopaths live to deceive, intentionally and unintentionally, and therefore need some amount of trust from everybody they interact with. Sociopaths are actually perceived to be extremely trustworthy. It’s what they’re good at. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not pushing the assumption that all sociopaths are murderers, and all murderers are sociopaths; that isn’t true. However given that there is a high percentage of murderers that ARE sociopaths, it only makes sense to match the personality traits. I guess this just proves one of those theories about not stereotyping. Even though stereotypes DO arrive from somewhere (read: past clean-cut charming serial killers that everyone seems to forget because they aren’t typical… even though they really ARE).

Cause or symptom? Unraveling the science of sleep

Sleep… a symptom or a cause?

*If you want to read the preface to this article (which explains what happened to me -the bloodwork, the symptoms, etc) and see WHY I was reading this article, please read the following introduction that I wrote.. if you want to get into the scientific goodness then just skip it-

As you’ve probably gathered from reading previous posts, I’ve had major sleeping issues in the past and recently, that evidently left me tired and drained during the day. I always felt like I was just on the verge of being able to pass out. I would black out when I stood up. I had NO energy and existed soley on caffiene. (sidenote: I still do that anyway- coffee is delicious). To make a long story short, I got some bloodwork done, everything was perfect, but she recommended me to go to a sleep specialist neurologist guy to get a consultation. She said there were 4 types of sleep disorders- none of which I fit in to because I can FALL asleep, I just don’t STAY asleep. I wake up very easily and feel like I’m always on the brink of wakefulness. I’ve studied sleep (not officially, just in my own time through research) for years and years because it’s just.. well.. bugged me. I knew I didn’t fit into the regular categories either. There’s sleep apnoea (yes, it occurs in people both big and small) which I KNEW I didn’t have, sleep wakefullness (narcolepsy) which I don’t have because I can’t fall asleep to save my life in the daytime or even nap… insomnia- which I don’t have because I can actually fall asleep at night, and idiopathic sleep disorder, which is what I evidently DO have. If you haven’t caught on, she totally made that last category up. It’s where they stick people that have weird sleep symptoms that they haven’t yet been able to classify. I like to say it’s the “what the hell is THAT” category. I have such a shallow sleep that I’ve speculated I don’t entireley hit REM sleep for however many cycles I should be going through. Maybe the sleep neurologist can tell me. With all the research I’ve done, I’m pretty sure I was able to diagnose myself. Lol. Anyway, that’s why I’m writing about this article.

When you think of sleep disorders or problems, do you automatically assume that they’re a symptom or a cause? When people have other physical ailments, mental disorders perhaps, do you attribute a sleep issue to those problems? Where do sleep disorders come from? What triggers them?

Those questions are what we all are asking and wondering… but what if the answer doesn’t lie in the research we’re performing? This article, entitled “Sleep well, stay sane” in New Scientist can open your eyes and really make you wrap your brain around the findings they exhibit. It’s like the looking glass; what if sleep disorders are causing these other disorders and not vice versa? We’ve always been treating sleep issues as a symptom; what if it’s a cause? The article introduces us to the idea that poor sleep may be causing some psychiatric problems, and people are being treated with prescriptions as if they HAVE that illness, when it’s merely an ailment of poor sleeping. Millions [including children] could possibly be taking psychoactive drugs to cure an illness that they don’t even have; it could only be the symptoms of a sleep abnormality. This is not only inherently dangerous, but also makes you analyze how exactly doctors prescribe medicine. Doctors have already crossed the boundaries and found that erratic sleep was indeed connected to plenty of disorders. Saying that poor sleep was a symptom was so crystal clear, and researchers/doctors so trusted that nobody even thought twice about it.

In one research study, presented by Clifford Risk, they took 34 adults who were diagnosed with sleep apnoea and did further tests on them. Of those 34, 16 of them had scores which implied a moderate/severe attention impairment. They would have been considered classic cases of ADD or ADHD. Once they started treating the sleep apnoea, there were substantial improvements in the results of their attention scores. The sleeping disorder was disrupting their attention. Had they gone to a doctor with those symptoms, they would have most likely prescribed them Ritalin after observing them. This study ALSO suggests that a sleep abnormality was causing the body to mimic the symptoms of another disorder. In other words, sleep was the cause, not the symptom.

Schizophrenia is considered somewhat of a medical mystery still to this day, because there are so many loose ends and unanswered questions. I’ve also read up on this disorder a lot. I won’t bore you with my musings (because it’s all so in and out, with the disorder, that we’d be talking in circles forever. Part of it is genetic, and if you’re related to somebody who has/had schizophrenia, you are more likely to develop it, however, the correct environment or atmosphere will trigger it, so not everybody with the gene will display symptoms and develop it. blah blah blah. It also goes into nature vs. nurture and all that good stuff. If you’re interested in it, click this link- Schizophrenia article 1 or this link- Schizophrenia article 2) It really is a fascinating disorder and I hope you decide to visit those sites. I totally got off track here, but I AM going somewhere with this. One common trait of somebody with schizophrenia is the inability to master “rote” tasks. One example would be operating machinery. Procedural learning [which is part way responsible for the ability to master such tasks] have a certain sleep dependent component. People with chronic schizophrenia cannot constantly improve such tasks overnight like people without the disorder. Lack of sleep can actually affect that component, therefore sprouting symptoms of schizophrenia. One might go to a doctor with such symptoms, along with the irritability, aloofness etc and may very well be a suspect of that disorder.

Stress hormone levels increase when you encounter sleep disruption. Having high stress levels produce anxiety during the day, which is common in MANY types of psychiatric disorders. Sleep issues can also interfere with the brain’s ability to react to emotional stimuli without being over the top of out of control. When you’re sleep deprived, your amygdala (the part of your brain that is emotionally reactive) is not communicating properly or effectively with the pre-frontal lobe, which is responsible for sending/controlling inhibitory signals to the emotional part of the brain. The inhibitor works just like it sounds- it gets in there and acts as a barrier, and “inhibits” that part to control what exactly it is doing. When this fails, it’s like opening a can of worms. Things can get out of control. Real fast.

While none of this is concrete as of yet, it’s a pretty damn good starting point for discovering what is really happening. I, of all people, know how important sleep is. If you read below (like the intro said) I have my own little story about what I suspect is going wrong with me. I’m malfunctioning. Lol. I know that not getting proper sleep can unearth a whole boat full of issues emotionally, physically, and mentally. Nothing is worse than “sleeping” for 9 hours and not ACTUALLY sleeping. I wake up feeling like I just fell asleep. My whole day is messed up. I guess you could say I feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Evidently I slept on the wrong side as well.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was REALLY ecstatic to find this article. I had always felt as if a lack of gratifying and deep sleep was conducive to a lot of problems. I think it’s wonderful that researchers are finally looking into sleep as a cause, and not just a symptom. After all, sleep is the one of the most important cycles our body partakes in. You know, aside from the heart pumping blood through our veins, our brain waves, central nervous system etc. Sleep is the time when everything in our body is rehabilitated. It’s a spa day for our system that works with such clockwork that we don’t even realize what’s occurring in there. Sleep is important! How else will we rejuvenate and revive our body, day after day? I am so thankful for this article. You never realize how important something is until you see what happens when you’re lacking it.

A few afflictions

First- to read the rest of this post, click the title. I’m working on getting it to display the whole thing on the front page, but to no avail. So far. I don’t have anything interesting to write about yet, but I feel guilty cause I haven’t put up anything in a few days. Well, anything interesting or worth while. I promise in another day or two I’ll come up with some amazing post that is just as, if not more, audacious than my “time” post. I haven’t been able to read new scientist or stalk cnn/other websites because… let me count the ways:

  1. Finance is consuming my soul. I’ve never seen so many ratios in my life. I would much rather have law consume my soul than finance, but such is life at the moment.
  2. Our house is haunted. That’s right. Toothbrushes starting to vibrate on their own, even after we walk up to it and turn it off. We finally took the batteries out. Garage door on the inside opening by itself and the door chime going off. We come home, after DISTINCTLY closing the office door (I know this because it makes a huge slam for some reason, and I made some comment about it because it made me sound like a badass. Lol) and it was cracked open when we got home. The chime for the garage door going off and it DIDN’T open. It’s getting tricky now. Ummm… some plastic bag fiasco, but I don’t know what I attribute that to. So yeah.
  3. Kickboxing has officially kicked my ass, because I’m the only crazy person who takes it 3 times in the span of 5 days. My butt hurts. My calves hurt. My shoulders hurt (because I’m the only girl it seems who does real push-ups and not those gay little knee-ups). More so because my leg is still sore from crazy pony carting accident. It’s bruised. I’m whiny. I’m going to go cry now.
  4. Getting up early for class is taking its toll on me. I am soooo not a morning person, and I really need to be. Night time is for playing! Doesn’t college know that!?
  5. I can’t stalk CNN because my management professor is too busy talking about Degree Deodorant, crack cocaine, cheese puffs, gold-bond (and YES! It was for THAT reason), owning children, and various other random and completely unrelated (yet TOTALLY related) things.
  6. Having a house is a lot of work! We eat much more than I actually realized. The dishes are out of control and I may just keep the dishwasher on permanent cycle.

But most importantly… the ultimate reason that I cannot, at this very moment, create an intriguing, interesting, humorous and/or smarty-pants post is because… there is delicious, succulent, amazing, tasty, scrumptious, mouth-watering, delectable, exquisite, and last but not least.. HEAVENLY… bacon wrapped fillet in the oven. I think I’ll have a serious breakdown if I accidentally burn them because OMG THEY LOOK SO YUMMY! I would also like to apologize if this post made no sense at all. Which is should of.. and if it didn’t then I think that’s more your problem than mine… just kidding. But seriously. I’ve had two coffees, two emergen-c energy booster drinks, and a banana vanilla smoothie with lots of espresso in it. I am pretty wired… you’re lucky you aren’t here. I’m also lucky that shane is putting up with my bouncy-ness.

That is all. Check back in a few days after Finance’s first week exam has released me from its icy grip. BYE! :)

Hark! Do I hear "life in prison"?

First off- temporarily disabling the flash page. I’m messing around with some things (as I said in a post about… three days ago?? I dunno) So instead, you get to look at this pretty little layout until I get everything sorted out :)

If you’ve been watching the news you probably have heard that they think they know caylee anthony was killed by her mother, Casey. Sources say that she killed with intent and purposefully put duct tape around the little girl’s mouth and killed her, proceeding to dump the body. According to the report, the body was in the trunk for 2 days. They linked the hair from the trunk to the body at the dump site.

The forensics reports also states that the child was killed in JUNE. Mind you, she was reported missing in July. Forensics doesn’t lie, but evidently Casey Anthony does. The time frame is not exact, but even giving possible room for error, the body was still dumped before she was reported missing. I don’t really have much else to say on this. As far as I’m concerned, she’s guilty. She had her chance to be proven innocent and she just kept on acting like a complete sociopath. If I was a criminal prosecutor I would relish in the idea of putting her in jail. They won’t give her the death penalty, they say, because they treat parent/child homicide cases differently then they do regular homicide. I’m assuming because in order to commit homicide on somebody, you would have to really premeditate it. I can kind of see the reasoning, because parents can get extremely frustrated with children.. maybe she had an anger issue and she just couldn’t control herself. Or MAYBE (just MAYBE) she really is a sociopath, which I thought from the beginning, and they will try to plead some sort of insanity or mental illness case. Which is silly. She won’t get out of this, it’s been brewing for too long. Good luck in jail because you won’t ever be driving down the main road outside our neighborhood ever again! Hopefully for life.

quick explanation

so I realize I’ve been doing a lot of updating and changing to my webpage, and since I’m new to this I’m encountering a ton of problems. I switched back to this theme (as you probably noticed) but it is only temporarily. The problem is that this other page that I’ve been editing some code for and making my own page out of needs to have sidebars defined in order for any of those things I have on the side of THIS preset theme to work. Since I’m attempting to edit it all myself I have to figure out how on earth to get that working.

Also, I have to figure out how to put in “previous” and “next” buttons. On this theme (that is NOT currently displayed) I have each post listed in order so you can click them until I can learn the buttons. It’s all PHP, and when I took a web design course it was still all html/xhtml and CSS so I’m learning as I go. ANYWAY! I just wanted to update you and tell that I am indeed finally working on my own customized layout. It will be up sometime before the turn of the century.

You probably noticed the flash intro I have going on, where the left side is my portfolio and the right side takes you to my blog. I love it, and it’s a nice touch, but the problem is that in order to have that show up as my main page, I have to set it as my static page. (Because really, it’s too annoying to restructure my webpage so that I can have an initial page… I believe it requires moving all my wordpress files around and that takes for effin EVER!) That also means that each time I write a new post I have to go back into the flash and change where it’s directing the URL and all that crap. So we’ll see what direction I take this I guess. But for nowwwwwww I am extremely proud of how pretty my introduction page looks :) The gallery is functional too. Also! In case you haven’t followed the news, Blagojevich has now been impeached!