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Helllllo. So, I’ve decided to give users the option to opt-in for fun little newsletters or update emails. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you… I know how annoying it is.

Many of you signed up through my feedburner account already, so if you’re interested in signing up for updates and/or newsletters, you can do so on my Esvienne facebook page.

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Saturday Link!

This site is pretty new so I thought I’d share. APPsplosive showcases and features big brands and their active Facebook applications. I see a few mobile and web apps on there too. It looks like it’s slowly expanding, and with the Facebook application market being so young and fresh, I expect to see a lot more to come with them. No Facebook page as of yet, but they do have a Twitter. Check ’em out :)

Facebook Mail

Screen shot this myself. Just saying… probably a logical explanation, but still fun to ponder.

Facebook Mail

BlueGlass FL 2010 Conference Announcement

BlueGlass is hitting up the south east for another amazing conference November 2nd-3rd. You might recall BlueGlass LA just happening a few months ago- well the agenda is set and we’re ready to rock the Hard Rock with BlueGlass FL 2010 :)

Our lineup is amazing and I hope you’ll be there. Who could pass up sunny Ft. Lauderdale, tons of fun and networking, amazingly knowledgable speakers, and industry folks?!

We want all our attendees to leave with more knowledge than they came with, more friends and a light heart.

Check out our BlueGlass 2010 agenda to get a peek at the speakers, and make sure you register soon. Oh yeah, make sure you bring some spare cash… it is the Hard Rock after all :)

Announcing… BlueGlass Interactive, Inc!

Hi :) so I’ve been having a wonderful guest poster on here lately, Josie from Geekulous, who has been helping me keep updates on my website during this really busy time. I wanted to say thanks to her!


The big announcement (and what I’ve been so busy with) is that I’ve recently become Director of Social Media Outreach for our new company, BlueGlass Interactive. BlueGlass is the result of some amazing companies merging together (10e20, Search & Social, Second Step, ¬†Brent Csutoras and ¬†infinitenine) and we plan on changing the internet marketing landscape for good.

With our expertise and knowledge, we have formed a powerhouse company.¬†“Whether it is search marketing, social media, viral marketing, conversion rate optimization or application creation, BlueGlass can handle it all seamlessly and transparently in-house and with a single, cohesive team.”

If you’re interested in knowing more, please visit the BlueGlass website, see our official PR release, or catch up with the New York Times announcement.

We are also holding a conference in LA on July 19 & 20, 2010, called BlueGlass LA, which will cover a range of topics from entrepreneurship, to search marketing, internet marketing and more. This event is going to be kept small and intimate, so that networking and learning (as well as fun) is at an all-time high. Make sure you get your tickets before they’re all gone :)