iTunes + Eminem’s Recovery Album = Happy Ears

This is completely unrelated to Internet Marketing, social media or technology… but frankly my dear, it’s my blog and I don’t give a damn :)

So anyway, I downloaded Eminem’s album “Recovery” from iTunes today.

It felt good… mainly because I’ve been using streaming music sites (Pandora and Grooveshark) so to actually have an album on my iPhone where I can stream it in my car and actually control what songs I’m listening to will be GLORIOUS.

Disclaimer: I did not download any songs illegally. Ever. The example below is a typical outline of what a music lover’s time line would be like when file sharing and streaming music were introduced. In case any of you are under 20 and weren’t around for any of this, I’ve put together this time line for you.

13-15: Buying physical CDs in Record Town and Coconuts

15-16: Music lovers were being naughty and using Napster to download a crap ton of songs and albums for happy musical consumption

16-18: Moved onto LimeWire after Napster got shot, beaten and killed.

18: Users get virus from LimeWire. Users swear to high hell that they would never use a program like that to download music again.

—— musical blackout ——

22: Started to use Pandora and users are totally blown away

23: Started using Meebo because users found out they can make playlists, unlike Pandora.

24: Found out Meebo got bought by Myspace (or whatever) so moved onto Grooveshark and Pandora simultaneously.

e25: Pandora started mixing in random songs into user’s playlists (playing Aladdin on a Lil’ Wayne station) so user starts using Grooveshark full time.

So I would like to say, I’m really happy that I downloaded this album. Mainly because, while I haven’t downloaded music, I’ve been stuck streaming for a long time. I happily dished out the $14.99 on iTunes because I (shamefully… or not so shamefully) will be playing songs on repeat and enjoying all 19 songs.