It's official. I am a nerd. [academic earth]

OKAY SO!!! We all know that I am a complete nut about anything science-y… or really learning anything for that matter [ if it interests me ]. I wanted to share this website I found that has thousands of thousands of FREE [yes, free! something that is hard to find these days] partial/full lectures for classes.

Go forth and click this link- Academic Earth

So you can pick your subject (chemistry for instance) pick a class under that [if it’s been recorded and available] and watch all the lectures from the semester. That’s free learning. And it will definitely better my science writing [though not my regular writing, because clearly I just started this sentence with the word ‘and’] as well as give me lectures to watch so I can add to my infinite little book of knowledge I”m writing in my head. I also know that my best friend G. Tsao will be stalking this [Hi jenna!] and she will also be enamoured by this amazing website as well. SO JENNA! GO HERE!

I also wanted to throw in there that these are lectures from Harvard, Yale etc… so you know it’s good.I honestly feel like a complete dork admitting that this excites me, but what can I say.. constant learning and a thirst for knowledge open up many, many doors… and also keeps my brain from jumping through hoops in my head.

  • Jenna

    ::STALK:: and, OMG!

    This thing is amazing!!

    Lol, I have to admit though when I went into my Email this morning your message made me laugh. It’s like “OPEN BEFORE WORK!” … now usually my Email is not so demanding, but still I was curious so I opened, and I’m glad I did cause this thing is wicked cool.

    Now you may very well be a nerd… but if YOU are, then I most certainly am too… so I’m going to go ahead and say that that’s not the case. Instead I think we are more like sleeper cells. Outwardly, we appear quite normal and sometimes even “cool” (I said “sometimes” … let’s not get carried away), but then one day we can just ninja people with knowledge. And they are like “*gasp* it can not be! they have such nice shoes! and hair! and are kind of ditzy! and I swear that once the spanish one told me there were oceans in canada!” … but yes, it happened, we dropped “smart” on them, because we are ninjas. And ninjas, are not nerdy.

    But meanwhile, the lectures, very cool, and interesting! AND free! Because I dunno if you knew, but I love free things! And these free things make my brain happy. And it doesn’t get much better than that. So thank you! You rock. The end. <3

  • Jenna

    … just wanted to reiterate … this website is awesome, there is like SO MUCH stuff on here, lol. I am like a very dorky kid in a candy store.


    It is like the best cheapest education I’ve ever gotten… and who ever thought THOSE two things would come together. lol.