I regret to inform you

I won’t be writing for a while and I am going on a temporary hiatus- I don’t have the energy or inspiration at the moment.

NOTE: I’ve gotten a few phone calls/emails due to me not writing anymore, and I’m fine :) I just have a lot of stress between trying to cram and graduate in december (anybody taking 3 finance/investment courses in 6 weeks instead of a regular semester has a weeeee bit of stress I would say- ESPECIALLY when one of my professors pep talks me and tells me it’s basically impossible to juggle them and I should really think about delaying one or two until fall so that I do not spontaneously combust. But I don’t want to because I want to graduate before my birthday.) and the weather has been horrible and flooding everywhere. My life is okay, I’m happy with my friends and my love, and I am not on the verge of throwing myself off a cliff, and I have stated before :) I just wanted to reiterate that! It’s hard to find creativity or even stalk science and news when I have 2 exams and 3 quizzes on my back after a week of course material that’s equivalent to a half a month in real time. Seriously. 10 pages of lecture notes in one class. HOORAY! I WILL BE BACK IN A WEEK OR TWO DO NOT FRET! :)