I need an investor!

I’m always coming up with these monumentally awesome ideas, however, I never have the money to take them on. I came up with this really good idea for a business that I would like to try to get started ASAP but I don’t have the resources :( I’m a little frustrated about that.

On the flip side, I have this new project that I’m working on (it won’t be launched for a while though) and I think it will be really cool! Keep checking back here for updates on what I plan on doing :)

How is everyone out there in the internet world?

  • http://www.saadkamal.com Saad Kamal

    Good ideas are always a Gem..By resources if you mean coders/designers etc. It can always be managed. I am also working on an interesting project that will be launched in June/July.

    If you have interesting ideas but can't get the resources then hit me up on IM. We can brainstorm and work something out.

  • Selena Narayanasamy

    I definitely will. I need to iron out the details of this, but pretty much it relies heavily on developers being able to make the website function. there's also the business aspect, which i will need investors for, but its more about getting people to believe in the idea and participate, not so much about startup funds. once I get it figured out i'll talk to you :)

  • http://www.saadkamal.com Saad Kamal

    sounds good! I'm me[at]saadkamal.com on Gtalk/Email.