Firefox vs. Safari

Photobucket VS. Photobucket

I’ve always been a dedicated Firefox user. I was predominantly against Safari, until 4.0 came out. I then, accidentally, had Safari open something up for me… and became addicted. Now, you have to understand that I don’t really WANT to use Safari because I had a greasemonkey kit set up for Firefox where I could use a bunch of scripts. I know there is something called “Grease Kit” for Safari and a few other browsers but I just couldn’t get it to work correctly.

I’ve viewed the benchmark tests for Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4.0, but still can’t bring myself to FULLY use Safari. I’ve been sitting here setting up both because I just can’t decide. It seems to me like Firefox constantly crashes. I’ve given it plenty of time, dedicated myself to making sure it was up-to-date and it still kicks me off all the time [ see: Technology Apologies ]. Until Firefox fixes its issues [or releases 4.0, which is rumored for the fall of 2010] I think I will begrudgingly make make a full dedicated switch to Safari. By the way, you did NOT just hear me say that.

I was just curious… what browser do you use? What do you like most about it? Is there REALLY a difference in speed???

ALSO!!! I searched myself up in google because I was too lazy to use the address bar [don’t judge] and LOOK WHAT CAME UP IN THE SPONSORED LINKS! What are they suggesting here? Can google actually have that stuff in there??? Seems bad to me. LOL @ GOOGLE. Take a looky:

…REALLY GOOGLE? You’re insinuating that porn goes with a non-existent word called “Esvienne”?? And, guilty by association, ME?! I’m appalled. Fix it.