Eyes; not just windows to the soul.

So we’ve all heard the saying- eyes are the windows to the soul. I love eyes. I am completely and utterly obsessed with eyes. Not for any weird creepy reason, but if you take macro photographs of different people’s eyes, the patterns and variances are just amazing. There are so many different things you can see in them. Like mine for instance (which I know better than anyone’s, because obviously they’re my own) are reddish brown with little gold and green  lines on the bottom under my pupil. After seeing this chart, I am now curious what those random lines are. They are probably nothing at all, but now that door is open!

Now, I definitely do NOT go around staring at people’s eyes, don’t get me wrong. If I did that I would be liable to be kicked in the head or some kind of equivalent. I use the handy dandy internets to find different medical websites that deal with the eye and specific conditions. There’s something I found called Iridology, which is basically the scientific analysis of the patterns in the eyes. What they have found out is that those little patterns and whatnot in your iris are actually reflective mirrors of different parts of your body. It shows body constitution, inherent strengths/weaknesses, as well as your health levels. There’s been studies where cleaning out your colon clears up certain lines of your eyes and all these weird things. I had no idea that there was even something that dealt with health conditions and iris’s! My obsession with the little strange squiggly lines have actually meant something all along!

I went on different websites and looked at different case studies and the differences are amazing. This one person had some cauliflower looking thing around their pupil that was cleared up when he was treated. I don’t recall what exactly his medical condition is. There have been cases of people with green eyes turning brown due to their health deteriorating, and with proper medical attention and medicine their eyes went back to their normal color. At the end of this post I have embedded the chart for all to see! It is way too complicated to even begin to look at what is on there (not to mention itty bitty) but I figure it will give you an idea of how complex this really is. There isn’t much in depth information on the internet about it because they want you to go see them. Like any good specialist or doctor, they will probably charge you an arm, a leg, and your first born child for information that you can likely understand yourself given the materials and the opportunity. Oh health care. It is awesome. ANYWAY! Here is the chart. If I find any other good things on it I shall post.