Earth Hour tonight!! See details inside.

Hi everyone! I don’t know how many of you are aware of this [I certainly wasn’t until I read it here and also on CNN] but tonight, there’s a worldwide effort for the fight against climate change/global warming, put in by the World Wildlife Foundation [WWF… and I still love saying that because it used to be the wrestling abbreviation til they got their asses kicked!] in order to show that people do indeed care about the earth. If you want to participate it will be occuring during the hour from 8:30-9:30, no matter where you are or what Time Zone you’re in. You have these options to display your support and participation:

  1. Via Flicker- Take a photo on the night, upload it to Flickr and add it to Earth Hour’s Flickr group and tag it with your city and country.
  2. Via Video- Make a fun video and upload it to the YouTube group.
  3. Via Blog Post- Write a live post during the event hour and tag it with earthhour or voteearth, and your location. [this is most likely what I shall be doing, being the little writer that I am]
  4. Via Twitter- Update your twitter on the night and write #earthhour or #voteearth and your #location in your update to tag it. [I shall also be doing this, because I am a little Twitterbug!]

I hope that you choose to participate in this! I realize it’s easy to think that just because you’re one person your actions won’t make a difference, but when there’s millions of those “one person’s” participating, it leads to something huge and beautiful. Climate change/global warming is a real issue, regardless of the numerous ways people try to debunk it and say it’s false. Be smarter than them. Even if you don’t believe that it’ll help just remember- you’re not losing anything by trying, if anything, there’s a lot to gain. So please! Turn your lights off at 8:30-9:30 your time and let the world know about it :) Thank you. ::bow:: ALSO! I had to edit this and share. I was just watching the space shuttle Discovery make its landing, and I heard the sonic boom from when it was coming down! It sounded like two huge bombs went off on the roof of my house, and it was AMAZINGLY AWESOME! This is one of the reasons that I love florida. It’s great for a science geek like me. Lol

  • Jenna

    Thank you. ::bow::

    —- Did someone bring you Pizza!?!

    I wish I had read this earlier I totally would have done it lol. BUT alas it is 7 am now and I have yet again missed my chance to save the world.

    Also… I want SHUTTLES. lol It’s so lame, That would be soooooo cool, and I never get to see/have them land on my roof. Please contact NASA on my behalf and request that they also do some shuttle launches from my backyard. The fence is already destroyed so that really isn’t a concern anymore. <3