Weeeee! We are now 2.5 hours into our roadtrip!! All I have to say is thank god for iPhones. We’ve been playing trivia and weird games on mine, and it is now currently assisting me in writing this blog:) we are stocked up on chips and the caffiene consumption shall begin shortly!!! Woohoo!!! That is all.

PS! Hiiiiiii Jenna/general tsao!!! *kssssh* this is JUNIUS from teacup,NJ (Teaneck?! Geez I forget my age and now my alias’s place of origin). Come in general tsao!! *kssssssh* … Is my blog still hating on your comments!? My page is awfully lonely…. :'( can you fix it please? We need something to entertain us on the road and i KNOW you’ll be awake in 5 hours :D LOVE YOU!!!

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    “Teaneck?! Geez I forget my age and now my alias’s place of origin”

    You sent me a text alerting me that you were in NJ and when I got it I was in the car with West, excitedly shared this information and then wondered to myself if you had passed “teacup” (I think giggled like a retard indicating to him that law might have not only stolen my soul, but also my mind..) MEANWHILE, I realize that I couldn’t remember the ACTUAL name of the place… was it teaneck?

    At least we now know what a Sherpa is… because… incase you haven’t seen it outside, I think we’re going to need one.

  • http://admin beachxbit

    ADDITIONALLY! …(that suddenly looks like it has too many d’s.) ADDDDDITIONALLY! …(OMG! Did you ever do this thing, where you know the word, and what it means, but all of a sudden your brain thinks its wrong?? Yesterday we were driving home, and West was like “we’ll need to get the snow blower out” and now, I’d made about 15 mentions of snow blowers through out the day… but in that moment my brain pulled up an image of what it thought a snow blower was and then for some reason told me that was wrong. So I sat there looking at him, TRYING to figure out WTF a snow blower was again, and I had to ask… at which point he looked at me like “youhavetobekiddingmeright??” … once he explained it though, I was like Yea, that’s what I thought… attempted to explain what happened and he still thought I was a crazy person… … but maybe I am. lol.)

    What was I going to say?? …

    OH YEA! ADDITIONALLY (DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD) I miss your old layout. Not that this one isn’t nice, but your old layout let me go between the posts without having to keep going back to the homepage. WHICH when your blog has been mad at me and there are like 12 posts to read, is actually a lot of work for me pre-coffee. So please appreciate my presence. It’s been a long road getting to your comments. bawahahaha. <3<3