Dribbble for Designers!


I was looking around the interwebs today, looking for new social networking platforms etc, when I came across something called “Dribbble“… yes, with three B’s.

Dribbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbble is pretty much a “Twitter” for designers- you can show what you’re working on in 120,000 pixels or less; it’s called a “shot”. I think the concept is actually really cool- why should people who write get all the fun? I love looking at what other people are designing… mainly because I can’t design anything that looks better than a stick figure. Sometimes I get all Picasso though. Don’t ask.

Dribbble plays off of other ideas from Twitter, not just changing the 140 characters to 120,000 px but also:

  • You can follow fellow Dribbblers.
  • ‘Rebound’ and follow up with your own designs so they are linked as references.
  • Comment….constructively of course.
  • You can “like” the shots (they also took some elements of Facebook. THE HORROR!)
  • You can also search through Dribbble by tags. I smell trending designs in the making.

Follow fellow Dribbblers. Say that 10 times fast.

The only catch for this neat website is that it’s invitation only. Another Dribbbler has to send you an invite so you can join and start participating in the community. It’s completely member driven.

You are allowed to post 24 shots each month- you get more when the month starts. For instance, if you have 15 left at the end of the month, you’ll receive 9 more shots on the 1st to make it 24 again.

I find websites like this interesting, because when they launch you’re like “oh DUH! Why didn’t I think of that? Of course we should have made a visual twitter for designers.” But often the obvious escapes us and we just don’t think about things like that. Maybe we should all start analyzing social networking sites. There’s bound to be something we’re missing.

I actually have a list of features I feel that certain websites are missing and I would like to incorporate it into a new site to launch The problem is, in true life fashion, every time I think of a website, application or cool idea… it gets released. THE WORLD IS READING MY MIND!

Of course there’s ALSO the little problem of me always wanting to start 80 billion projects and burning myself out. One day I’ll stop being so typical and actually finish something astounding. Something good has to be coming out of this brain of mine, with all the ideas I churn around!

So I’ll leave you with this… what else do you feel social networking websites are missing or moving towards?

Time for bed.

You can also search through Dribbble by tags.