Leave the eggs out of this!

Okay so there’s a lot of news with the iPad that I wanted to talk about, as well as the MSI competitor that’s being released at the same price point. I plan on spending some time getting images and details… so for today, I just wanted to touch upon a small conspiracy theory that I have worked up in my head.

Saturdays are out to get me.

For anybody that’s friends with me on facebook, you’ll notice on occasional saturdays I write an irate status update about how I ran out of coffee/creamer/sugar. This has been afoot for a long time now and today seriously took the cake.


I was downstairs starting to make my morning coffee. I filled the pot with water, poured it in, and proceeded to grab the coffee so I could scoop it in.

Disaster 1: i was already low on coffee to begin with, but I KNEW that I would avoid the saturday doomsday corruption because I had enough to get through another day or two. As I picked it up, it flipped over onto the floor. COFFEE GRINDS EVERYWHERE. EMPTY COFFEE CONTAINER.

Disaster 2: As if that wasn’t enough, and I thought my saturday curse had run its course, I finish making coffee after salvaging whatever grinds I had left…only to realize that I just poured the last of my creamer. Yup. That’s right. It’s Saturday, and my creamer has run out as per usual. So now I am coffee-less and creamer-less until tomorrow, where surely I will forget that I need to buy it and wake up extra grumpy because I have no coffee to make and have to go to the store.

Disaster 3: THEN, to top it off- I was making breakfast and trying to carry up my egg with coffee for the boyfriend and I. As soon as I pick up the coffee, my egg commits suicide onto the floor. Meanwhile, Shane is upstairs listening to me curse and swear because all this literally happened in a matter of 10 minutes.

HOW DOES MY CREAMER KNOW?? I don’t make the same amount of coffee during the week, but somehow its synced up to my life. It KNOWS when Saturday is approaching and somehow cannibalizes itself so that I only have enough to leave me tragically empty handed on Sunday morning.

You know, I watch enough detective shows. Perhaps the TRUE culprit here is my creamer. It’s the common denominator in all my sketchy kitchen disasters. It has motive AND opportunity. DEAR COFFEE-MATE HAZELNUT CREAMER: consider yourself caught red-handed. I will put an end to this before you kill again. LEAVE THE EGGS OUT OF THIS.