Clutter free google, and geocities' admittance of defeat.

Clutter! Nobody likes it. What doooooo people like? When you have the option of turning it off!

Google has this little experiment going on where you can choose to turn off the “clutter” on their search page [which is barely any to begin with] and make it bare-bones minimalist. It’s actually surprising how little you notice the “clutter” until you turn it off. This experiment allows it to go away, and then reappear when you roll your mouse over the page.


To access this, go to; copy and paste this code into the address bar:

Hit return, refresh the page, and VOILA! The image below doesn’t do it justice, I realized, because it’s ALL white except for the screen shot I took. None of the text below the search buttons exists until you scroll your mouse.


There is a way to turn this off; go to Options –> Privacy –> Remove individual cookies…  find and remove the cookie named PREF.


I don’t know how many of you remember Geocities because it’s pretty old, BUT I DO!!! That was back in the “alta vista” and “hotbot” days. Geocities offered free homepages… the first of many websites that did that. Yahoo CEO has decided to in a new direction, a direction that will (hopefully) push them along the way to being one of the primary search engine/life management websites. sans geocities. Do I smell a company attempting to take down the big bad google. I think so.

Good luck to them. I personally had yahoo for a long time before google/gmail, and I love gmail alot more. They are constantly innovating. Who knows though, maybe yahoo has been holding out something good. Sometimes we save the best for last…we shall see.


  • Kathy

    I was never actually able to draw a connection between “cluttered” and “google home page”. Seems a bit like the bigger box improvement to me.

  • admin

    I agree kathy. I suppose what I meant was.. just when you thought google could not get any cleaner, there’s a code for it which makes the original google look “cluttered” compared to it :)