Cartoons, Facebook and Child Abuse.

I always notice trends that are going on in Facebook but I don’t necessarily participate. So when I noticed a lot of my friends changing their profile pictures to cartoon characters, I wondered what was up.

Then I saw this in my feed:

I always find it fun to see my friends participating in movements like this, mainly because not too many of my hometown friends are into social media. Or they think it’s just for updating your status and that’s it. They really don’t understand that there’s a lot of information and power that can come with working within a social network, when done for purposeful reasons.

So when they participate in these things, I know that social media has achieved all that it’s been trying to- spreading messages and moving people to participate and share things that they might otherwise not.

This campaign (Campaign To End Violence Against Children – Childhood Cartoon Faces), evidently put together by an unnamed volunteer, encourages users to change their profile pictures to cartoons but also take it one step further- donate to a children’s charity or organization of your choice. It has a great message and idea behind it, but I wonder how effective it really is.

I think they may have diluted the effectiveness by allowing users to do something simple FIRST, ie: changing their Facebook profile pictures, and then having them go one step further into donating.

I think the status message should state something about going further to donate, or mentioning the actual campaign name- since the status message seems to be what’s spreading.


  • Praveen@techperk

    FB has become a place for spam these days, even my latest post was about that.. this is a good share