CardMunch 2.0 Release- The Future of Business Card Storage

I had the pleasure of trying out the new 2.0 version of CardMunch for the iPhone in its beta phase earlier this week, and I must say… I’m pretty impressed.

I’m in the internet marketing business, so when I go to conferences, I get ALL KINDS of business cards- mainly because my main point of contact with people that I meet there is going to be either through email or through a social network. But what do I do when I get home? I store these cards away, because I’m slightly OCD about how the desk in my home office is, and I also refuse (hear that?! REFUSE) to use a Rolodex. They are sooo 2000.

I gave CardMunch 2.0 a whirl, and noticed it has a lot of great features. For one, all the data on your business cards is pulled in via a photo that you take, and it’s reviewed, transcribed and entered by real people- meaning you’ll get everything you need, and just exactly how you want it.

CardMunch will also automatically crop the logo from the business cards for easy reference, and you can even view the cards in a slideshow type view- where you can scroll through all the cards that you’ve entered.

If you want to enter a card it’s simple- you simply place the business card within the box, and let CardMunch take care of all the rest. You can also pull in multiple cards at once- and you’ll also have the ability to do full text searches through each one. If you utilize the tags system on here, you can even tag the cards so you can remember what event, conference, coffee shop, or whatever place you met that person at.

You’ll now have an online “rolodex” and you don’t have to look like a dork by having an incredibly large stack of physical business cards to reference.

CardMunch is a free download, and you get 20 credits as a new user. 1 credit = 1 business card. The app itself is free, so you may as well get your free credits and give it a try. Save the trees! Or something. :)