Brain Exempt day

It is Sunday, and you know what that means… funday! I have nothing really useful to write about, since I don’t really stalk tech/news on the weekends, but felt like updating anyway. It’s been productive so far. We got up early and went to the gym… made use of their amazing massage chairs (I could get used to that). I did some cardio and did 70 pumps on the leg press at 70 pounds. Was all set to do my ab workouts but I’m still shredded from last time. I felt like something was ripping my muscles apart piece by piece so I decided against that for today. We’re planning on a super early [7 am-ish] workout in the morning. If I don’t update this by the end of the day it might possibly mean that I have died. Send help.

Also, before anybody mentions something about me not needing to work out [MOM!] I do it purely for the muscle and mental benefits. It’s like being on a high all day after working out. It’s amazing.

Ummmmmm let’s see… entourage is on tonight! I’m excited for that. Also, we saw Jennifer’s Body last night. I have to say it was pretty decent. Nothing I would walk out of. It was mildly disturbing with lots of dark humor. The theater spent the majority of the time laughing. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day cleaning. We have a friend coming in town tonight for a little while so we may grab a beer with him.

So yeah. That’s all. Tomorrow I’ll be back to the posting norm. Figured I would write something more personalized today. BYES!