Appsgiving – a Day of Apps and Giving

Happy Appsgiving day everyone!  What’s that?  You don’t know what Appsgiving is?  Well let me enlighten you.  This year a group of developers   came up with a pretty brilliant idea to celebrate the anniversary of the App Store while simultaneously boosting their sales.
So what is Appsgiving exactly?  Appsgiving is the brainchild of the developers of the not-yet-in-store iWishApp, an app dedicated to creating and sharing wish lists of iPhone and iPad apps. Essentially, it’s a day for people to ‘gift’ their favorite apps to friends and family.  Not that this can’t happen every day but today people are especially encouraged to give .  Here’s what they’re saying over at

We all love apps.  Your friends and family love apps too.  Did you know that you can gift apps to them?  There is one special day when you should make someone’s day with an app.  Appsgiving day is celebrated the official day the App Store was born.  Celebration is in order!  Give and bring more joy to the world one app a time!

For a short tutorial on how to gift an app head on over to  They have a Twitter account (@appsgiving) with a few followers and,-this being it’s inaugural year-that’s to be expected but, hopefully, we will see this really catch on.  What better way to celebrate the store where we can find an app for ANYTHING than to give our friends and families apps we love?  So circle July 10, 2011 on your calendar so we can keep this new tradition going.

Happy birthday App Store, thank you iWishApp developers and Happy Appsgiving everyone!