Apple's Restocking Fee? No More.

Just hopped on here to put up some interesting news I heard.

Many of you have heard about the antennae issues that the new iPhone 4.0 is having. Evidently, the issue is not hardware related (so I guess that warrants a sigh of relief for all you new owners out there), however, it is a software issue. Interested in what Apple had to say?

When asked about this issue, Apple states:

Upon investigation, we were stunned to find that the formula we use to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong

This sounds like it can be fixed with a software update- but that doesn’t explain why you’re still dropping calls.

As of right now, you have a choice. Apple has said that if you want to return your iPhone- due to the antennae issues- within 30 days, you can do so without paying that annoying restocking fee they usually make you pay. I would say this is pretty noble. Thanks Apple.

Either that, or buying a case usually helps the issue.

With that said, I think I may have accidentally gotten a little nick on my iPhone. Perhaps it’s time to complain about the antennae issue, get my cash monies back, then buy a new one ;)

…I kid, I kid,