2010 WWDC Wrap Up

Well the 2010 WWDC is now officially over.  We’ve seen new hardware and software introduced as well as some of our favorite software getting updates.   While the release of the iPhone 4 was the main event it somewhat overshadowed some nice software updates.  There was a lot going on at the WWDC so here’s a quick recap of the highlights (aside from the obvious):

Safari 5:

Safari 5 was released on June 7 at the WWDC.  The upgrade boasts increased speed, security, HTML5 support, and additional features.  This release of Safari has focused more on the ability to use 3rd party plugins, a feature that’s been lacking with past versions of Safari.  So far, the most discussed plugins have been the Gmail Checker (a plugin that provides a count of unread gmail messages in an icon next to the address bar), Xmarks (now you can sync your bookmarks across all browsers), and, my personal favorite Safari140 (this handy little plugin allows you to send a tweet directly from a webpage).

iTunes 9.2:

Alongside the release of the iPhone 4, iTunes 9.2 was seeded to developers during the WWDC.  iTunes 9.2 will be required for anyone using the iPhone 4 or a device using the new iOS4 software.  While there are no significantly interesting feature upgrades (aside from folder support for organizing iPhone 4 apps) the upgrade does include increased backup speeds, and overall performance upgrades.

2010 Apple Design Awards:

Much to Mac app developer’s dismay, this year the Apple Design Awards were open only to iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad apps.  Signs are pointing toward the Mac developers getting their day in the sun, but as of now, the well deserved awards were given to the best mobile app developers.  So who won?  Here’s the rundown:

iPad Winners:

Flight Control (FireMint)

Financial Times iPad Edition (The Financial Times Ltd.)

Pinball HD (OOO Gameprom)

Star Walk – Interactive Astronomy Guide (Vito Technology Inc.)

TabToolKit (Agile Partners)

iPhone Winners:

20-Minute Meals – Jamie Oliver (Zolmo)

Articles (Sophiestication)

Brushes (Steve Sprang)

Doodle Jump (Lima Sky LLC)

Real Racing (Firemint)

So there you have it, a quick rundown of Apple’s 2010 Worldwide Developer’s Conference.  Always fun, always exciting and always leaving us wanting more.  What do you think Apple will have in store for us next year?  Let us know in the comments.

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